Two Dreams: President George W. Bush and Laura Bush   2 comments

A few days ago, I had a dream where I was at this house with some friends.  Then President George W. Bush arrived and sat down.  I talked with President Bush for a short while.  I do not remember what we were talking about.


Last night I had a dream where I was on this ship.  It was docked just outside New York.  I was below decks sitting with around 50 U.S. Navy SEALs.  We were eating sandwiches and talking.  Then I went to the top deck and there were people sitting in folding chairs.  Then I saw Laura Bush.  I sat down next to her and we began talking.

I asked Mrs. Bush how far it was from New York to Washington, D.C.  I told her that I guessed it was around 100 miles.  I don’t remember what she said.

2 responses to “Two Dreams: President George W. Bush and Laura Bush

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  1. Dreams from the LORD 2003-2006
    28 June 2006

    Last night I had a dream where I was riding on this bus in some city. The bus driver started complaining about President George W. Bush and the war in Iraq. I just smiled at the bus driver and laughed. The bus driver became very disgusted with me, stopped the bus, got off and walked away. The bus started up and began driving through the city without a driver. I then walked up to the driver’s seat and began driving the bus through the city. Then the dream ended.

    I believe I know what this dream means. As long as Christians OBEY the Lord, we can control the destiny of the United States and the world.

  2. Dreams from the LORD 2007-2010
    29 December 2008

    Last night I had two dreams. In the first dream, I was with some people that I knew; their daughter was acting crazy. So I laid my hands on her head to cast some demons out of her body.

    In the second dream, I was hitchhiking somewhere and Todd and Sarah Palin’s oldest son picked me up. He was wearing a white shirt and a tie for some reason. He told me that he was in the military. I told him that this past Presidential Election was a big joke (spending $750,000,000 to put someone in the White House is obscene). I said that the crowds of people (and most of the Media) that listened to Barack Obama speak at his rallies had the same, glazed-over eyes that the Germans did when Adolf Hitler spoke at the Nazi rallies in the 1930s. The Germans called Adolf Hitler their Messiah; the American Democrats called Barack Obama their Messiah. When the fans of the Beatles listened to their music at the Beatles’ rock concerts, they had the same, glazed look in their eyes. This is called a satanic anointing.

    The Lord raised up Adolf Hitler in Germany to bring judgment on that country for sin. The Lord raised up Joseph Stalin in the Soviet Union to bring judgment on that country for sin. The Lord has now raised up Barack Obama to bring judgment on the United States for sin. There are many people in the United States who spend millions and millions of dollars aborting pre-born babies, promoting the sin of homosexuality and saving wolves. If I were to kill a wolf, I would probably spend a year in prison plus a fine of $10,000; if I were to abort a human fetus, I would not spend one hour in prison. There are too many reprobates in positions of authority in the United States—in government, in education, in the churches, etc.

    The Lord told me NOT to vote in the November 2008 Elections. As of 20 January 2009, one of the United States’ best Presidents—George W. Bush—will leave the White House. When this happens, a powerful prayer covering will be gone from the Executive Branch of our government. People get what they deserve and the people of this country deserve Barack Obama. Divine Wrath is coming to the United States and I am very grateful.

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