Touch Not My Anointed, Do My Prophets No Harm   5 comments

Daniel in the lion’s den

Dreams from the LORD 2003-2006
7 June 2006

A week or so ago I had a dream where I was sitting in a library. I was at this table reading a book. Then three big guys walked into the library and sat down at my table. They looked like bullies. One of the guys was really big—he looked like he was around 350 pounds. He was probably the leader. So the biggest guy pulled out a knife and walked over to me and with one arm he grabbed my neck and started to choke me; with the other arm he menaced me with the knife. I resisted for a while. He said he wanted all of my money. I finally gave in and gave him my money. Then they left me alone.

Last night I had a dream where I was in the same library. I noticed that the librarian was at the front desk. I was at the same table reading a book when the same three big guys walked into the library and sat down at my table. The biggest guy walked over to me and pulled out a knife. I grabbed the knife from this guy and I grabbed his neck with my left arm and began choking him. With my right arm I took my knife and was ready to slit his throat—I was very angry and the violence in me was very real. The guy pulled out a wad of money and gave it to me, so I let him go. The other two guys gave me their money and then they walked away from the table. As they walked out of the library, the librarian said something like, “Don’t ever touch Tim again” or “Leave Tim alone.” I still had the knife in my hand when the dream ended.

Touch not my anointed, do my prophets no harm. No weapon formed against thee shall prosper.

A Prophet’s Eyes
Josephus on John the Baptist

5 responses to “Touch Not My Anointed, Do My Prophets No Harm

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  1. Dreams from the LORD 2007-2010
    20 June 2008

    A few nights ago, Connie and I had a powerful prayer meeting. We were praying for her daughter and for the Lord to protect her daughter’s baby from a young couple from Missouri. This couple was definitely under the control of some demonic influence. Connie told me that she could feel a very strong evil presence in the room when they were there. They stopped by the hospital in Pratt (Kansas) to visit Connie’s daughter. Connie’s daughter had just given birth to the baby a few days ago.

    That night I had a dream where I tackled this man and bound him with a chain or with a heavy rope. There was more to the dream, but it is gone from me now.

  2. Dreams from the LORD 2003-2006
    5 September 2006

    Last night I had a very vivid dream. In the dream, I walked into this bar with three of my friends. Immediately, several big thugs walked up to my friends and started harassing them and pushing them around. My friends and I decided to leave the bar; we walked out into this back alley. Six of the thugs followed us out into the alley; they continued with their verbal abuse and then I got very angry. I started knocking the tar out of the thugs all by myself, and then, all of a sudden, they were all lying on the alley pavement bleeding and badly beaten up. I was surprised at how easy it was for me to beat them up.

    This dream is confirmation on what has happened in the past few days—it concerns spiritual warfare. Last Thursday (31 August) the presence of God was burning me up so powerfully that I had to lie on the couch at Jeremy and Felice’s place for a few hours. The next day, I hitchhiked to Riverton and ran into Susanna. We had a pleasant chat; she is now a foster mother for three children. That night, as I slept (or tried to sleep) at the shelter in Riverton, I was really burning up in the Holy Ghost. I stayed Saturday night at the shelter and then got one ride from Riverton to Jackson Sunday morning.

    I know I got back to Jackson quickly for a reason. That evening, Felice got back from work and she was very sore all over her body. She told me she started getting sick on Friday and it got worse on Saturday and Sunday. I told her I thought that she was going through some deliverance, so I told her to take some extra ibuprofen to kill the pain. Monday morning, she told me she was doing much better.

    On Monday, I walked to a newspaper kiosk in downtown Jackson and got a copy of the Jackson Hole Daily. On the front page was the headline: “Terror leader captured”. “Authorities on Sunday announced the capture of al-Qaida in Iraq’s No. 2 leader, accusing him of ‘brutal and merciless’ terror operations including the bombing of a Shiite shrine that touched off the sectarian bloodletting pushing Iraq toward civil war.

    “Iraq’s national security advisor said Hamed Jumaa Farid al-Seedi, known as Abu Humam or Abu Rana, was arrested a few days ago as he hid in a residential building southwest of Baqouba.

    “The arrest, has left al-Qaida in Iraq suffering a ‘serious leadership crisis,’ national security adviser Mouwafak al-Rubaie said. ‘Our troops have dealt fatal and painful blows to this organization.’”

    With the jawbone of an ass I have slain a thousand men.

  3. I have not seen you in SO long.
    I trust God has had his hand on you.
    These are evil times. I have never seen such evil and it makes me feel old and sad

    • I am doing very well. The presence of God has been very strong the past couple of days. I just hitchhiked from Wyoming to northern California this past week.

      You might like to read this; it is from my High Plains Drifter blog:

      [4 July 2015]

      Earlier today I got a ride from Lewiston to Grangeville, Idaho. I walked out of Grangeville about a half mile and this car pulled over to give me a ride. It was an older couple. They knew some friends of mine that lived in the Kooskia neighborhood. They said that they could drop me off at my friends’ place.

      As we were driving down the road, the husband told me about a vision that an ex-Muslim had from the Lord. He had been a dyed-in-the-wool Muslim for a number of years and then he surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. He had been in hiding because he had a lot of death threats from his Muslim family.

      Here is the ex-Muslim’s vision:

      He saw the Lord in all of His glory. Then he saw George Washington kneeling before the Lord. George Washington was pleading with the Lord and said, “Please don’t let the wicked take over my country [the United States].”

      The Lord replied, “I will not let the wicked take over your country, but I will have to destroy it first.”

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