Book Review: High Plains Drifter   10 comments

High Plains Drifter:  A Hitchhiking Journey Across America

by Tim Shey

This review is by M. Canniff (Valora Raziel):

“I first heard of Tim Shey through his web site, and then ordered his book. (I have yet to ever meet him.) I was curious about what life on the road must be like for a hitchhiker following God. His path that he details in this book, blew all my previous misconceptions about hitchhikers clear out of the water! He receives guidance from the Holy Spirit, through the spiritual gift of knowledge, in what I see as a unique twist to the usual. Some have claimed to hear the voice of God speaking to them and directing them into His Ways, but in Tim’s experience, He feels the anointing of the Lord upon him, giving him great peace and joy, thereby letting him know, that he is indeed upon the right path. And what a path it is! Tim shares how the Holy Spirit leads him into intersecting paths of those people that God wants him to meet. Sometimes it’s just a simple conversation with another believer, that leads them into a stronger faith in Christ, and other times it is to actually, physically, lend a helping hand to those who (at that moment,) are in desperate need. It shows how the Lord can be trusted to work out even the smallest details in ones life. It also shows how one can live for Christ without all the encumbrances that come with having and getting material stuff. My only disappointment with the book was it’s lack of a good solid ending. (I am a ‘happily-ever-after’ and an ‘all-loose-ends-tied-up’ kind of reader.) However, I also realize that it simply isn’t possible for him to have one yet, as he is still out there, on the road, doing the Will of God. So, in conclusion, if you’ve ever wondered what it must be like, for a man of God to live the life of a hitchhiker, then this is the book for you. It will open your eyes to a world that few of us have ever experienced…”

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  9. Here is a comment by Belinda Thorne from her Grace and Truth blog:

    Hi Tim, I have just finished reading chapter 9 of your book. It struck me that God was training you to be led by the Spirit. That your life was /is a literal representation (like Ezekiel’s was) of how God wants to lead us and how we are to respond. We think to go East but we don’t get a ride so we go West and immediately God sends a ride. The children of Israel had to get their feet wet before the Jordan River parted.
    You will hear a voice behind you say this is the way, walk ye in it.

    To be so trained by the Spirit, to be sensitive to Him, this is it. This is everything. Just some thoughts that have struck me reading your book.


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