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God’s Love Mission in Helena, Montana

12 April 2010

I stayed at the God’s Love Mission here in Helena, Montana last night. I hitchhiked from Reed Point to Helena yesterday. I will stay here at the mission tonight and then head west.

I was doing some reading at the library this afternoon and then I walked back to the mission. One of the guys at the mission, Phil, walked up to me and told me that he had an Army surplus sleeping bag, if I needed one. I told Phil that I had two summer sleeping bags and they worked pretty good, but the one bag had a zipper that didn’t work anymore. This past winter, sometimes it was a challenge staying warm because the zipper didn’t work.

So Phil showed me his sleeping bag: it was down-filled, the zipper worked and Phil said that it would keep me warm below zero. The bag was already unrolled, so I rolled it up and it rolled up tighter than my other bag. I thanked Phil and gave my other bag to the mission. I later talked to Phil and some other guys outside and Phil had spent some time at the prison in Deer Lodge, Montana and at another prison in Sterling, Colorado. He never told me what he was in for. Phil told me he had to go to the VA hospital tomorrow in Helena for a check up.

After I took a shower, I was taking a nap and Phil walked over to me and gave me some jerky and some Top Ramen noodles for the road.

Whenever I really need something, the Lord always comes through. I am very grateful.

God willing, I will head to Missoula tomorrow and then head into Idaho on U.S. 12.

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