Sitting in Jail in Broadus, Montana   3 comments

Dreams from the LORD 2007-2010
17 January 2008

I am now sitting in the jail at the Powder River County Sheriff’s Office in Broadus, Montana. Looks like I will stay here overnight and then head west tomorrow. I hitchhiked from Rapid City, South Dakota to Broadus earlier today. It is snowing pretty good outside, so I have a warm place to sleep tonight. When I got dropped off here in Broadus, I went to the Sheriff’s Office to see if someone could put me up in a motel for the night. The sheriff suggested that I stay in the jail because it was empty and it had just been cleaned. This will be the first time I have ever stayed in a jail.

Tim is the guy who gave me the ride from just west of Rapid City to Broadus. He is originally from Seattle where he used to work as a sheet rocker. He and his wife and three children live here in Broadus so that they can take care of Tim’s grandfather.

Tim told me that he became a Christian a while back after he was in a really bad car crash. His buddy died in the crash and Tim was in a body cast for two months. Crisis sometimes precedes conversion.

We stopped in Belle Fourche, South Dakota where Tim bought me a hamburger at Hardee’s. He told me that his grandfather was 88 years old and was a veteran of the Battle of the Bulge and the Battle of Huertgen Forest in World War II. I told Tim that his grandfather should write his experiences down before he passes away. Tim told me that his grandfather really didn’t want to talk about the war. His grandfather used to crawl up close to the German lines and call in artillery on their positions. I’m sure he saw a lot of horrible carnage during the war.

So tomorrow I will either hitchhike to Miles City and head west on I-94 or else I will hitchhike through the Northern Cheyenne and Crow Indian Reservations and then take I-90 to Hardin and Billings. The snowstorm is supposed to last into tomorrow morning.

A State of Existing, North Dakota

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  1. When I seen the title, my first reaction was to say “oh no!” and immediately fall to my knees in prayer, to pray that they would release you! Of course, The Lord stopped me and told me to first read the rest of your post and not just the title. (And then I seen the date as well, and felt quite silly.) But can you imagine if it had happened in real-time today, and I would have prayed for you to be removed from that jail cell? Talk about back-firing! I would have been praying for you to be put back out into the cold, and I wouldn’t have even known it! Oi!

    Thank you Jesus for Your guidance…

  2. Dunamis: I was very grateful that the sheriff let me stay in the jail overnight because of the snowstorm. There were four cells with a bunk bed in each cell. I was the only one there. They had a little library there and I found a book that I really liked: A MAN CALLED INTREPID. Intrepid was a codename for a top allied spy during World War II. The sheriff let me take the book with me when I hit the road the next day. They gave me something to eat for supper. I have hitchhiked through Broadus many times over the years; it is a nice, quiet ranch town in eastern Montana.

    “My First Time in Jail for Hitchhiking”

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