God’s Protection in Battle   3 comments

Dreams from the LORD 2003-2006
29 July 2005

This past week I got a ride from Dubois to Riverton [Wyoming] with a guy who had an uncle who
fought in World War II. He was a pilot of a B-17 or B-25 and he flew 29 missions
over Japan. On one mission the flak was very bad and it took all of his
concentration to fly the bomber over the target. He was able to deliver his bomb
load and then he turned back to the base. He then turned to his co-pilot and saw
that the co-pilot’s face was blown off. He later landed the plane and discovered
that the entire crew had been killed during the mission. There were 57 bullet
holes in his windshield. It was the hand of God that protected him in battle.

Freedom to Bear Arms
Jesus Could Save Them From the Radiation
The Bullet Proof President

3 responses to “God’s Protection in Battle

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  1. I wonder if we will be protected when we have to battle

  2. That is a very good question. The Lord does protect some people in battle. It is either a sovereign act of God or it is because of the measure of faith in a man. In all of my years of hitchhiking all over the United States, I have never carried a weapon (knife or handgun). Sometimes people will ask me if I carry a gun and I would say, no, the Lord protects me. In 16 years of hitchhiking only one man ever pulled a knife on me.

    “The Only Time Someone Pulled a Knife on Me”

    Here is a great post on God’s protection:

    “Hand on the Helm by Katherine Pollard Carter”

    There was a prophet, Dimitru Duduman, who said that if an invasion happens in the United States, it will mostly be God’s judgment on lukewarm Christians–which means many lukewarm Christians will be killed.

    You may want to listen to this audio; it is very interesting aspect of God’s protection:

    “Never the Same–Michelle Krubeck”

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