The Inward Cross–Hall Worthington   2 comments

“It is a cross to a man’s will to sit waiting on God, silently listening, struggling to keep his mind from wandering; it is a cross to a man’s will to obey what he is commanded and taught by the Holy Spirit; this is the cross of which you must deny yourself and pick it up every day, to then follow Jesus. To obey his voice is to follow Jesus. This is how to do what you have prayed for a thousand times: thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. You cannot be his disciple unless you pick up your cross daily and follow his orders. Salvation is only received by those who follow the lamb wherever he goes – who obey completely the voice of the Lord, in whatever he commands.”

—Hall Worthington

The Missing Cross to Purity
The Missing Cross


2 responses to “The Inward Cross–Hall Worthington

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  1. Sanctification is a process in which the justified learn, experientially, our need to conform perfectly to God’s will by obedience. Obedience, we learn over time, is far better than sacrifice.

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