Two Dreams: A Christian Cult and a Jezebel Spirit   8 comments

Elijah meeting Ahab and Jezebel in Naboth’s Vineyard

Dreams from the LORD 2007-2010
9 September 2010

Last night I had two dreams. In the first dream, I was with this man, woman and child and we were in this church group—it was really a Christian cult. I warned the man and his wife about this cult.  We left that group of people and went to this church building. The people were all dressed up for a Sunday service. But something was wrong. The man and wife and child and I walked through the church and out the back. There were people waiting for us in the back yard of the church. These people surrounded the man, woman and child. I walked back into the church and the people were acting very strange.

I walked back outside in the yard behind the church. The group of people had turned into a mob. They had tied up the man, woman and child in ropes and had lifted them up and were carrying them to this altar to kill them.

It was then that I yelled, “Come out of them, Satan, in the Name of Jesus of Nazareth!”

The people scattered and the man, woman, child and I escaped that church.

In the second dream, I was in this city. It looked like the downtown area. There was this big building and there was this crowd of people guarding the building. I walked up to these two guys and they were trying to attack the crowd of people at the building; the two guys were across the street from the building.

Then this big guy from the crowd of people attacked our position with a machine gun. We hunkered down behind this gravel pile. I then grabbed some rocks and began throwing them at the big guy with the machine gun. He was firing the machine gun, but the bullets bounced off of my body. I kept throwing the rocks at him until he started crying and ran back to the crowd of people near the building.

I then ran towards the crowd of people and yelled, “In the Name of Jesus, begone, Satan!”

The crowd began to split off in two directions (it reminded me of the parting of the Red Sea in the Old Testament). Then I came face to face with this woman who was the leader of this group of people. I then spoke directly at her very forcefully, “Come out of her, Jezebel spirit, in the name of Jesus Christ!” Then the dream ended.

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Thought for the Day:

What is the difference between a Muslim who studies the Koran and rejects Christ and a “Christian” who studies the Bible and rejects Christ? Absolutely nothing.

John 5: 38-40: “ And ye have not his word abiding in you: for whom he hath sent, him ye believe not. Search the scriptures; for in them YE THINK ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me. And ye will not come to me, that ye might have life.”

II Corinthians 3: 6: “Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.”

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8 responses to “Two Dreams: A Christian Cult and a Jezebel Spirit

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  3. to the writer of these prophetic articles may you please post more of these im learning

  4. Nqaba: Here are some dreams that I have had from the Lord that you might like to read:

    “Dreams from the LORD”

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  6. Captivating as always! Sadly, as I watch and listen to so many others preaching the gospel these days, I am lead to believe that most so-called “Churches of God) are cults, they are allowing themselves to be ruled by Satan, the government, the global elites and are doing their bidding on the foolish people that will listen to them. I walked away from a Lutheran Church in Albuquerque that I had spent 18 years attending with my little family because they were pushing the congregation towards accepting homosexuals no questions asked and no repentance required. So, we found another Lutheran church closer to home in Rio Rancho and after about 3 years they started demanding the same thing and were chastising those of us that refused to fall in line, so again, I walked away and have never looked back and have not found another church that I feel the true spirit in! I miss congregating, but not enough to do it for the wrong reasons. I continue to worship at my own pace in my own way and give to charities that I know are more worthy. Not sure if that is enough, but I will find out one day!

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