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Justus and Tim in Wyoming

4 October 2007
Dreams from the LORD 2007-2010

I hitchhiked out of Jackson, Wyoming on the 2nd of October. I got a ride with a college kid named Justus from Daniel to south of Pinedale–near the Jonah Field (gas drilling operations). He took a photo of the two of us standing just off of U.S. 191. Justus was going to school at Montana Tech in Butte where he was studying petroleum engineering. I got a couple of rides to Rock Springs and walked several miles south of I-80 on U.S. 191 and slept outside on the ground near this pipeline they had just put in–it runs between Vernal, Utah and Rock Springs, Wyoming. I woke up the next morning to the sound of an engine running. I popped my head out of my sleeping bag and this pickup stopped just twenty feet away from me. This guy in a hard hat walked over to me and gave me half a sandwich and a bottle of Vitamin Water. We talked for a short while and then he drove off up the pipeline grade. I got a ride to Vernal and then I got a couple of rides to Duchesne. The ride to Duchesne was with a guy named Dane. He had picked me up before in Idaho two months ago–he gave me a ride to Bozeman, Montana. We had a great talk.

I got another ride to Price, Utah and there a man and woman, Aaron and Debra, picked me up. They stopped at their place and gave me a two-man tent. I was very grateful. We had a good talk; they were interested in looking at my website. Aaron and Debra drove me several miles south of Price and dropped me off at a rest area.

I walked for a mile or so and got two rides to Moab. I stopped at the hostel in Moab and slept there last night. The next morning I walked south on U.S. 191 for a few miles and got picked up by a lady named Kindy.

Kindy was from Salt Lake City and we had a great conversation about the Gospel. Kindy was a graphic designer, taught a class at the University of Utah and was getting her master’s at The Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado. She asked me about my life on the road and she asked me to recite my poem, “Shiloh.” I had a copy in my billfold, so I read it to her as we drove down the road. Kindy really liked “Shiloh;” she said my poem reminded her of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ.

Kindy dropped me off in Monticello, Utah where I made a photocopy of my “Shiloh” poem at the library. I soon got a ride from Monticello to Blanding where I went to the library and typed some more stuff on the Internet. From Blanding I hope to make it somewhere in Arizona by sundown. Maybe I can try out my two-man tent tonight.


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