The Hidden Streets of Babylon   10 comments

The Hidden Streets of Babylon
By Tim Shey

With selfwork
By traditions of men
Stumble down the hidden streets of Babylon
You are a puppet on a hellish string

Many words are spoken
Sterile speech into vacant air
This is how the heathen pray
The Lord wants your heart
No faith, no life, no Jesus
I am surrounded by white-washed walls

Summa Theologica is for aesthetes
Solus ecclesia echoes nothing
Most Latin is Greek to me

Rituals and liturgy
Feed the pride
Of the unsaved seminarian

The Council of Whitby
Ushered in the Dark Ages
We have strayed
From the Word of God
And His inspired Scriptures

Idolatry is a habit
Worn by blind people
Watch them
Groping, crawling
In a dark, overchurched ditch

Living by sight
And the wisdom of this world
Is fashionable and insane
Its compass points the maddening crowd
To nowhere
It paves a smooth, broad path
To perdition

The Death of Voltaire
‘London” by William Blake
Pagan Christianity? by Frank Viola and George Barna
Breaking off the Greek mindset
Do You See?
An Intellectual Dilemma
Babylon the Great
Theology and Educated Man

Mark Taylor – Deep State Church

“How are we to console ourselves for this murder of all murders?”

Celebrity Prostitutes – Bribed Politicians – Controlled-Media Whores

10 responses to “The Hidden Streets of Babylon

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  3. This is powerful Tim love the words you use to describe the treachery of the modern day church. God bless jacqui x

  4. “Treachery” is a very good word to describe the modern church and the Devil himself.

  5. Powerful poem – the first verse in particular – spot on!

    • Thank you. In the Old Testament, Babylon was a physical, geographical kingdom. In the New Testament, Babylon is a spiritual kingdom—it is everywhere on this earth where Satan has power (over the children of disobedience). Wherever Christians are obeying the Lord (the Kingdom of Heaven), Spiritual Babylon is there fighting against God’s will in the earth.

      Just because someone is justified by faith does not mean that they are in the Kingdom of Heaven. Look at the Lord’s Prayer: “thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Being in the Kingdom of Heaven means that we are obeying the Lord (bond-slaves)—we are not here doing our own thing and then calling it God’s will. I have met too many Christians who have no idea what obedience to the Lord means.

      • Yes, as Leonard Ravenhill so aptly said “What you need is more obedience. You don’t need more light, that will only make it harder for you at the judgment seat!” I see Babylon at work everywhere, the Emergent Church is that same old spirit manifesting itself in a “new paradigm”

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  7. Indeed, most of us have more ‘truth” than we are walking in. Help us Oh Lord to walk in your truth in a more perfect way and not just be foolish hearers and learners of your Word, but obedient doers you can trust.

    That was a very prophetic, and deep poem Tim.

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