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Special Forces

Dreams from the LORD 2011
27 March 2011

Last night I had a dream from the Lord. I was in this city. There was fighting going on between two armies: Army A and Army B. I was with Army A. The fighting took place among these big buildings; it looked like the downtown area of the city.

During the dream, it all reminded me of the Battle of the Bulge in World War II. The American Army was lulled into relaxing too much and then, all of a sudden, the Germans counter-attacked and took many prisoners.

In the dream, there was fighting between the two armies and then, all of a sudden, the soldiers from both sides put down their weapons and embraced each other. They were all smiling and became fast friends. I stood there looking at what was happening, but I knew something was wrong. In my spirit, I knew that Army B had tricked Army A into a ceasefire. It was a false peace (it reminded me of the phrase “peace and safety and then sudden destruction comes upon them”).

Then I saw strange things happen. These big columns (like they have at the Parthenon in Greece) came in on rollers and new buildings were being erected. But I knew this was wrong: these buildings were being built too fast and on shallow ground; they were built without any foundations. It all seemed false and pretentious.

Then I saw this small group of soldiers coming up behind me from Army A. There were probably ten to twenty men dressed in green uniforms and helmets. They were carrying rifles. They looked like Special Forces. They moved very quickly, were very aggressive; they had faces like flint. They paid absolutely no attention to the lukewarm soldiers of Army A and Army B. These guys meant business. In my spirit, I knew that they knew that something was very wrong with all of this false peace between Army A and Army B. These Special Forces guys moved quickly towards the interior of the city and the rest of Army B (the headquarters of Army B?). I followed with them.

What does this dream mean? Army A is the modern Christian church. Army B is the army of Satan. Army A APPEARS to be fighting the devil, but they really aren’t. They have compromised with the devil and have made peace with the devil (have become conformed to the world) (“they had a form of Godliness, but denied the power thereof”).

The Special Forces are the true Christian warriors—and they were much fewer in number than all of Army A (the modern lukewarm church). It would be like comparing Special Forces with the rest of the United States’ conventional army: there are probably 2 million military personnel and there may be several thousand in Special Forces.

In the dream, the Special Forces did not take heed to the false peace between Army A and Army B. They continued to attack Army B and head to the interior of the city and hunt down bad guys.

This dream reminds me of Elijah and the seven thousand who did not bow down to Baal in the days of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel. There were probably around 3 million people living in Israel at the time. It is always a small minority that does the real fighting against Satan.

One more thing: the dream was rather long and many of the details are gone from me now. What is vivid in my mind is my observing the fighting of the Special Forces. They weren’t merely playing church, they were about their Father’s business—they were taking the fight to the enemy; they were taking out satanic strongholds.

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Spiritual Warrior

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  1. Yes your dream also reminded me of the remnant God always reserves for Himself. Just like the outcasts went to David in the cave of Adullum. They went in broken men they came out as David’s mighty men! They became warriors for the kingdom. Much of the Western Church has forgotten we are on a battlefield, not a playground. I think it is interesting that the special forces took no notice of the lukewarm army. Their eyes were fixed on eternity not on what was going on around them on this earth. That has convicted me and given me food for thought. Thank you

    PS – how do I do a pingback? I can’t work it out. Would like to pingback to this poem

  2. To do a pingback: Copy the URL of the post; click on to “Edit” at the bottom of the post; type the title of the post on your page; go to the link button and click on to it; paste the URL in the box and save it. It would be a lot easier for me to show you how than tell you how. If this does not help you, I am sure that you have a friend that can help you do the pingback.

    I assume you are talking about the poem “Shiloh”. Let me tell you: that poem was absolutely, positively dictated to me by the Holy Ghost. I have been inspired to write things before, but never dictated to me. The great miracle is that “Shiloh” was published in a secular magazine (Ethos) and the editor was not a Christian.

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