The Messenger of the Cross by Watchman Nee   5 comments

Watchman Nee

Watchman Nee

[15 December 2009]

John 12: 32: “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.”

I will be staying here with a friend in Belgrade, Montana for a couple of nights. This morning I noticed a book by Watchman Nee, The Messenger of the Cross. I read Chapter One before I came to the library. Here are some good quotes:

Page 7: “Paul’s message is the cross, and he himself is a crucified person. In the preaching of the cross, he adopts the way of the cross. A crucified person preaches the message of the cross in the spirit of the cross. How often what we preach is indeed the cross; but our attitude, our words and our feelings do not seem to bear witness to what we preach. Much preaching of the cross is not done in the spirit of the cross! Paul wrote to the Corinthian believers that he ‘came not with excellency of speech or of wisdom when proclaiming’ to them ‘the testimony of God.’ The testimony of God here refers to the word of the cross. Paul did not use lofty words of wisdom in proclaiming the cross but came in the spirit of the cross: ‘My speech and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in the demonstration of the Spirit and of power.’ Such is truly the spirit of the cross.

“The cross is the wisdom of God, though to unbelieving men it is foolishness. When we proclaim the ‘foolish’ message, we must assume the ‘foolish’ way, adopt the ‘foolish’ attitude, and use the ‘foolish’ words. The victory of Paul lies in the fact that he is indeed a crucified person. He can therefore proclaim the cross with the attitude as well as the spirit of the cross. He who has not experienced crucifixion will not be filled with the spirit of the cross; and consequently he is not fit to proclaim the message of the cross.”

Page 8: “The word of the cross which we so often proclaim is actually not ours but is borrowed–it is gleaned from books or from searching the Scriptures with our brain power. People with clever minds and those who are used to preaching are particularly prone to such danger. I am afraid that all their research, study, reading, and hearing talks on the mystery of the cross in its various aspects is for other people and not first for themselves. Consistently thinking of other people and neglecting our own lives will eventually result in spiritual famine!”

Page 11: “We cannot give what we do not have. If all we have is thought, we can only give thought. If in our life we do not have the experience of co-death with Christ to overcome sin and self nor the experience of taking up the cross to follow the Lord and suffer with Him, and if our knowledge of the word of the cross is obtained through people’s pens and mouths but we cannot impart life; all we can do is instill the idea of the life of the cross in people’s minds. Only when we ourselves are transformed by the cross and have received its spirit as well as its life are we able to impart the cross to other people.”

Page 12: “Man’s thought, word, eloquence and argument can only stir up the human soul, since these reach to the soulical part of man. They merely excite man’s emotion, mind and will. Life, however, may reach man’s spirit; and all the works of the Holy Spirit are done in our spirit–that is, in our inward man (see Rom. 8.16; Eph .3.16). As we in our spiritual experience let flow our life in the spirit, the Holy Spirit will send forth His life to the spirits of others and cause them to receive either regenerated life or the life more abundant.”

Page 13: “We become a living teaching and a living word; and what we preach is no longer simply an idea which we know but is our real life. This is the meaning of being ‘doers of the word’ according to the Biblical sense.”

Page 15: “For if we really are full of the Spirit due to the deeper work of the cross in us, we will spontaneously diffuse life in our conversation and our talk–whether private or public–so as to enrich those with whom we have contact. This does not require any self-effort or self-fabrication, but should be something most natural. And this thus fulfills what the Lord Jesus declares in John 7: 38: ‘He that believeth on me . . . from within him shall flow rivers of living water.'”


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  1. WOW! Beautiful! I am new to the writings of Watchman Nee. Sounds like his writings are worth looking into even more…

    I have run into several Christians who are sadly like this…they strive and fight to be ‘right’ above any other, but do not hearken to the Holy Spirit, to see if it is the right time for their message, or if it needs to be shared in a softer, less ‘I know it all’ attitude. (Bulldozers are not known for their humble and Christ-like attitudes.) Interesting, the way he describes the end result; that they are not fit to proclaim the message of the cross…

  2. Watchman Nee and his writings are an absolute gift from God. His classic work is “The Spiritual Man”.

    “The Spiritual Man”

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  4. I’m reading a book which is comprised of quotes from several of his works titled, “Secrets to Spiritual Power” – it is not written by Nee, someone composed it from his writings. The section under “The Messenger of the Cross” led me to this page. I searched on it as while reading this book I circled over 12 quips from that book that were things I had already said in some form or another never having even known of Watchman Nee for another 2 1/2 years. Much of what is written apparently in that book “Messenger…” is things I ‘Learned” on the porch those first three mornings – the other ‘things’ are contained in ‘Christ- The Sum of All Spiritual Things”..You even included one them in this post – the being on ‘the porch’ (at 4AM) I had said, “It’s all about Life!” was total revelation…it was “The Life’…followed by The Purpose of Life is to give it away; but, you can’t give away that which you do not have”..and to Give it away we “out” It selflessly. That it is impossible to Out it while being conscious of it at the same time, and the only way one can truly have a clean consciousness is by having the Conscience made right by Forgiveness”…it was something like’s all there…so much of what I read by Nee does indeed match with what others apparently might already be aware of, but have not been able to express it in words.

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