Gorges Smythe’s Dream   4 comments


[31 December 2011]

I just awoke from the strangest dream. Obama called a meeting locally and spoke to us all as if we were children, but in thinly veiled, threatening terms. I was the last of the crowd to leave. Before I turned to leave, I raised my right arm (something that I don’t normally do) and prayed the power of the Lord be brought against him. He gave me a dirty look; then I left. When I got back to the farm (which I no longer own), I went upstairs and found that there were demons in the barn rafters. One was wearing a suit. I prayed against them and they disappeared. Then the whole barn disappeared and I found myself standing on bare ground, looking at a beautiful starry sky. Then I woke up. Strange! VERY strange!

A Dream
Confusion and Every Evil Work

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4 responses to “Gorges Smythe’s Dream

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