Hitchhiking South of Grangeville, Idaho   1 comment

Dreams from the LORD 2003-2006
5 November 2004
A few days ago, I was hitchhiking south of Grangeville, Idaho and this guy named Charlie picked me up.  He was a Christian and he was going all the way to Arizona.
We were somewhere south a number of miles when he said, “We’ve been here before.”
I said, “Oh, déjà vu?”
“No,” he said.  “I had a dream a while back.  In the dream I picked you up and gave you a ride.  It was as if the Lord was telling me that it would be a good trip.”
“Wow.  Really?” I said.  “That’s pretty incredible.”  I was flabbergasted.
Charlie bought me something to eat in New Meadows.  He took me all the way to Fruitland, Idaho where we had a powerful prayer meeting.  I told him that the Lord was bringing him to a new place so that he could start over again—a new beginning.  I knew he would have a very blessed trip.
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