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wes barron

Wes Barron


Last night I had a very strange, positive, uplifting dream about Wes Barron.

I first met Wes in Jackson, Wyoming back in 2003.  We became good friends and had some good Christian fellowship.  He was really in tune with the Holy Ghost.  But I became concerned that Wes was spending too much time with worldy, false Christians.  The Lord had me warn Wes about these worldly friends, but Wes continued to spend time with them.  I thought that these people would drag Wes back into the world.

By 2006, the Lord told me to separate myself from Wes.

Around Thanksgiving in 2007, I was hitchhiking in Victor, Idaho and this car pulled over.  It was Wes and his mom.  Wes was in the passenger seat; his head was bandaged up and his arm was in a cast.  He told me that he was racing motorcycles in Utah and crashed.  He was in a coma for two days.  Now he was staying with his mom in Idaho.

That was the thing about Wes:  he absolutely loved speed.  One time he drove me over Teton Pass in his pickup and I asked him why he was in such a hurry (there was snow and ice on the road).  He was a very good downhill skier.  One time he was in a downhill race in Jackson and he was in fifth place when he wiped out and cut his hand real bad; Tommy Moe, the Olympic Gold Medalist, eventually won the race.  Wes also liked to rock climb; he was a risk taker.

I stayed with Wes, his mom and his stepfather for Thanksgiving.  Wes drove me to the main road between Tetonia and Sugar City, Idaho and then I headed to Montana.  That was the last time I saw Wes.

In 2009, I was contacted by some friends in Jackson.  They told me that Wes died while rock climbing near Jackson.  He was 26 years old.  I hitchhiked from Montana to Jackson and stayed with some friends for several days.  They went to the funeral and they said that the church was packed.  (My apologies to Wes Barron’s family—I just was not able to go to the funeral.)  Wes was very well-known in the Jackson area.

The dream.  In the dream, I was talking with Wes and some other guys.  We were going to go on a camping trip.  I couldn’t believe I was talking with Wes.  I thought he had died.  He told me that after he died, he was raised to life again.  It was such a pleasant surprise.  The dream was so real and it was so good to talk with Wes again and he was very happy.

I believe this dream is from the Lord.  After Wes died, I wondered if he made it to heaven because the Lord had me warn him about his lukewarm Christian friends.  I believe if someone has experienced justification by faith in Christ that they can lose their salvation.  But if someone has gone through their time of tribulation (purification) and they then experience The Second Coming, that they cannot lose their salvation.

I believe that this dream means that Wes is definitely in heaven.  Thank you, Lord, for revealing this dream to me.

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10 responses to “Wes Barron, Rest in Peace with God

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  1. Hello Tim,
    I wanted to find a way to email you privately, but since I couldn’t, I will write what I wanted to say here. Thank you so much for posting this dream you had about Wes. My name is Ronni Moore and I was Wes’ girlfriend at the time of his death. No one can ever say what another person’s relationship with God really is, but I have to share that Wes’ faith was forefront in his life. One of the first questions he asked me was about my faith. He wanted to know that I loved the Lord as much as he did and he made it very clear that faith in God was a dealbreaker for him. I have never met someone so genuinely in love with God and I cherish the fact that God sent me someone who was such a role model for strong faith and commitment to Him. I could go on and on about Wes, but, anyway, I am sorry that I never met you Tim and I am sure that Wes cherished the time you spent together. I am also a bit jealous of you because it has been a very long time since I have had a dream about my Wes. Thank you again for sharing this dream. God bless you 🙂

  2. Ronni: Thank you so much for your comment. I am very sorry for your loss. Again, I apologize to you and to Wes’ family that I was not able to go to the funeral. Wes and I were very good friends for a few years and then we went our separate ways. I am so grateful that the Lord gave me this dream. The dream was SO real: I was actually talking with Wes! When I woke up from the dream, I couldn’t believe it was only a dream. May the Lord bless you, Ronni, and thanks again for connecting with me.

  3. Great reveal by our Lord…Wonderful dream and thank you for sharing…Many, many blessings to you…Robin

  4. Thank you, Robin. I really enjoy reading your blog. God bless you.

  5. I also wanted to email you but I couldnt find a way to private email. Wesley and I were great great friends since 1998. Although Wesley and I truly never met we communicated on the phone daily for 10 years. 2008 was the last time I had spoken with Wesley due to a jealous boyfriend I had. Its my biggest regret to this day. I didnt find out Wesley had passed away until November of 2010 and it hit me hard. Very very hard. Wesley and I talked about anything and everything. As everyone has said, Wesley surely loved the Lord. There has never been a doubt in my mind that he’s in Heaven. I think of Wesley daily. Never does a day go by I do not think of him. There have been times when I have broken down because I miss his friendship so much. There was a day when I was outside sitting by myself thinking about him, crying about him, wanting to feel him around me and I was praying and praying to feel him. Talking to him, asking him if he was there. All of a sudden a butterfly came to me and starting at the top of my head circled my whole body down and back up and landed on my chest. That butterfly stayed on my chest for 2 minutes straight. The butterfly got up to fly away and I begged it to come back, it did, circled my whole body again down and back up and landed back on my chest. I believe this is Wesley’s way of showing me he is still there. Another time, his birthday, I was sitting outside (I know how much he loved nature) and I was kind of talking to him in my head telling him happy birthday and asking if he was going to show himself, sorta laughing about it. All of a sudden a hummingbird came 3 feet away from my face and raced back and forth back and forth then landed on a branch and stayed there forever. Another time I was fishing, I hadnt caught a fish in years and I was “talking” to Wesley in my head and told him “Can you hear me? Are you there, if so please let me catch a fish” I kid you not within a couple minutes I was reeling in a fish, and another and another. I caught 15 fish that day. I know Wesley is there, all around me and you and everyone he ever loved. There is no doubt he is in Heaven singing and walking on the streets of gold looking down at each and every one of us he ever loved. I miss him dearly.

  6. Sarah: Thank you for your comment. Did you live in Jackson, Wyoming for a while? I wonder if I may have met you.

  7. Hi Tim, No I never did live in Jackson. I live in Arkansas. I do have lots of family that live in and around Jackson Hole, my sister actually went to Jackson in 2006 I believe and she was lucky enough to meet Wesley face to face, so you may be thinking of her? I did talk to numerous friends Wesley had so it may be that we have spoken on the phone before?

  8. I do remember Wesley telling me about you, Tim, how you hitchiked around and shared the word of God. THATS AWESOME!!!

  9. Tim! Thank you for sharing this dream and moment with Wesley. My dear, sweet brother was my buddy his entire life. I miss him every day. We argued about God MANY times. I’m a prodigal daughter for sure! Haha! Oddly, at a point in Wes’ life when I was concerned for him, I encouraged him to seek God, and to pay attention to what He was showing Wes, and he did. He never looked back, not once. Once Wes gave his life to Jesus, that was it! His journals are a record of his relationship with our Lord and Savior, and I’m eternally grateful to know that he is in fact in heaven enjoying every moment. When he died, I gave up my personal struggles, and returned to church and in turn asked God for forgiveness and offered Him my life as well. I battled and worked through my anger, and am so glad that God is big enough to allow me that and to guide me to the other side of that anger in my grief.

    I no longer seek conversations with Wesley, but instead talk to God about him, but I know Wesley is not far away, and still present for many moments.

    Thanks again Tim. May God continue to bless you and keep you.

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