Was the Alabama Victory over Notre Dame Prophetic?   14 comments


Last night I watched the University of Alabama football team run over the University of Notre Dame, 42-14, for the national title.  I probably watched ten minutes of the game.  I am not a follower of Alabama football, but I was rooting for Alabama to win the game.  It was one of the most complete and overwhelming victories in a college football championship game that I have ever seen.

If this victory is prophetic, what does it mean?  The United States has a federal government that is huge, over-reaching and oppressive.  There is a lot of sin in this country.  If people don’t want God in their lives, then the Lord will give them big, oppressive government.  If you don’t want God, you can have the devil.

Several years ago, I was reading a Christian website and someone gave a prophecy that said, “the South will rise again.”  Does this mean that the Confederacy of the Old South will be revived?  No.  I believe this prophecy means that states rights will become a dominant force in our nation’s political and social life.  I believe that certain governors and state legislatures will assert their power and prevent the federal government’s abuses on their people–like ObamaCare.  Barack Obama is another King George III.

The University of Notre Dame represents centralized government.  Ultimately, the Vatican City in Rome has some say in the existence of Notre Dame.  The name “Notre Dame” is French:  Notre Dame was named after a Catholic cathedral in France.  France represents foreign influence or foreign entanglements.

The University of Alabama represents states rights.  The Governor of Alabama and the State Board of Regents oversee the operations of the University of Alabama–not our federal government and not Rome.

I am not baiting Catholics here.  I was raised in a very Irish Catholic family and went to Catholic schools in my youth.  If this game had taken place in 1972, I would probably have rooted for Notre Dame.  I am not a Catholic, I am a Christian.  I don’t care for Roman Catholic structure, but I have met some very devoted Christians in the Catholic Church.

I am not a Southerner.  I was born and raised in Iowa (my favorite football team is Iowa State University).  When I saw the way Alabama ran all over Notre Dame, it really bore witness with my spirit.  It was as if Notre Dame wasn’t even there–and shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

I know that the Lord uses everyday circumstances to show us things and teach us things.  He who has ears to hear (spiritual hearing) will be able to hear what the Lord is saying.  I believe that the Lord used the Alabama victory to encourage American Christians that there will be victory over our abusive White House and federal government in the near future.  Praise the Lord!

For the past few weeks the Lord has been showing me “January 7th”.  It looks like the Lord wanted me to watch the Alabama-Notre Dame game.  God is in the details.

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14 responses to “Was the Alabama Victory over Notre Dame Prophetic?

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  1. Whether you know it or not another small miracle just took place right here on your blog! You actually held my attention while talking about football…a feat never done before now…lol. Excellent post on how to see and hear Yahuah’s messages in everyday life. Blessings to you and yours:)

  2. Thank you, SharonJudah, for your comment. When the Lord anoints something, it will get someone’s attention.

    I also believe that the number “42” means something. In numerology, “6” is the number of man and “7” is the number of God. 6 X 7 = 42. This could mean that man being used by God will give us the victory. I believe that the number “14” means something, but I am not sure.

  3. Interesting! My Pastor teaches a lot about natural things being a reflection of spiritual things. I do believe that if there is a large amount of resistance to the governments increasing tyranny that the south will be where it comes from first. I also think that the administration is pushing to see how much it can get away with and the executive order that Biden says they will do to control guns may be the tipping point. I wrote a post sometime back that I really felt that this administration is more desirous of breaking the country up than they are of leading it to a better place. I also pointed out that for prophecy to be fulfilled this country has to fall and not support Israel when she is targeted in the final confrontation. The patterns seem to be going in that direction. God bless you and this is a great post!

  4. Obama is just like King Ahab of ancient Israel. His sins (he is pro-abortion and pro-homosexual marriage) have brought God’s judgment on the United States. If certain states don’t secede or assert their power over their states against our federal government, then maybe the Lord has a different plan.

  5. Amen and amen, like Ninevah we have been warned, when they returned to sin and didn’t heed the warning the second time, they were destroyed. God is in control and His plans will come to pass!

  6. Interesting read . . .but I agree Oregon would have made a better opponent.

  7. The Lord governs in the affairs of men. I would have said, Alabama against Oregon would have been a better championship game. But I believe that the Lord set up the Alabama-Notre Dame game for a reason. Sometimes the Lord foreshadows things in the physical/natural realm to show us what is going to happen in the spiritual realm. Or he will use a big event (like a national championship game) that will represent something else in the near future.

    I believe the Miracle on Ice hockey game in the 1980 Olympic Games (United States vs. Soviet Union—the United States defeated the heavily favored Soviet team) foreshadowed the Reagan years in the White House. Reagan was very anti-Communist.

    The Alabama win over Notre Dame was one of the most satisfying and complete football victories I have ever seen. The United States has one federal government. The United States has fifty states with fifty governors and state legislatures. Looks like our Obama-dominated federal government won’t have a chance.

    Obama should stop spitting in the face of the Lord Jesus Christ and repent–or else resign as soon as possible.

  8. Wow! Your article has left me absolutely speechless. Not as an Alabama fan mind you, but as a christian that can relate to the spiritual aspect of this game, yet I never saw it until I read this. My “unction” bears witness, but not as a fan of the Crimson Tide. Just WOW….

  9. Thank you, Pamela, for your comment. The Lord wanted me to watch that game and so I did. Obedience is everything.

  10. You’re welcome Tim! I am the moderator of Alabama Nation, so when someone posted the article there, I read it. I wanted to clarify that I AM a Bama fan, and probably the biggest fan ever, but as someone who “knows Him” I can certainly see the why He did…

  11. Pamela: Maybe the Crimson Tide will win another national title this year.

  12. As we say in Alabama….well I never in my life. And that would be a true statement. As an Alabama alumni, Southerner, Bama football fan and follower of the Lord, I always knew the Lord loved the Crimson Tide better than any other team. I mean think about it. Crimson Tide. Get it? Some say we are winning so much because Bear Bryant died and the good Lord is partial to Bear and the Tide. All kidding aside, I too believe God is in the details. Just watched the story of John Adams the HBO series. You think it a coincidence that both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on the same day and that day was the 4th of July. No way that is coincidence.

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