Clinton Romesha Earns Medal of Honor   4 comments

Clinton Romesha Earns Medal of Honor

Tammy and Clinton Romesha

Former Army Staff Sergeant Clinton Romesha, a native of Lake City, California, earns the Medal of Honor for service in Afghanistan.


Sgt. Romesha Awarded Medal of Honor

Alvin C. York
No Jump Tonight!
Garry Owen

Clinton Romesha Earns Medal of Honor

4 responses to “Clinton Romesha Earns Medal of Honor

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  1. Wonderful, I can’t say that I saw it because truthfully, I have a tough time watching this Pres. do anything. It is a wonderful honor though and from what I have read Sgt. Romesha truly deserved it!

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  3. I saw some of the Medal of Honor ceremony on the local news and on NBC News this evening. They showed some footage of COP Keating in Afghanistan. Those guys were between a rock and a hard place during that firefight with the Taliban.

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