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Last night I had a dream.  In the dream, I was somewhere in northern Arizona in the mountains.  Someone in a vehicle picked me up and we drove to this place where we boarded this bomber—it looked like the B1B Bomber.  It was very fast and powerful.

It seemed like we flew all over these mountains.  Then I saw the bombardier pull back this lever and the bomb load was released over our target.  I was with the bombardier in the front of the bomber.  I was amazed at how I could see everything below us—it was a beautiful, mountainous area.

Then the bomber landed (I don’t remember landing) and I was in this vehicle and we ended up someplace.

The next scene:  I was with this family that I knew back in Ellensburg, Washington.  He was a pastor of a church and they had six children.  I used to spend a lot of time with them back in 1986-87.  We used to go to a small Pentecostal church on the east side of Ellensburg—Bethel Gospel Church.

The pastor and his family weren’t that happy to see me.  They acted polite, but I think they wondered why I was there.  We didn’t shake hands or hug each other.  We made small talk—there was no Christian fellowship whatsoever.

Finally, the wife walked up to me and said, “You were not invited.”

I replied, “That’s true.”

And the dream ended.

I believe this dream means that in my work of intercession, I am taking out Satanic strongholds—strategic strongholds (the bombing mission, the B1B Bomber; the mountainous terrain represents strategic, Satanic strongholds).  When the Lord glorifies my body, the Lord is bombing the hell out of a stronghold:  a Muslim stronghold, a stronghold that hates Judaeo-Christianity (Israel and the United States), a lukewarm Christian stronghold, etc.

The pastor and his family represent a lukewarm Christian stronghold.  I was not welcome in their house.  Too many Christians play church and have lots of head knowledge, but they reject Christ with their lives.

I have said this for years:  if someone ever tries to kill me, it won’t be a radical Muslim, it will be a lukewarm, evangelical Christian.  I see all of these evangelical Christian churches in the United States and we have the devil (Barack Obama) in the White House.  Christian Pharisees are everywhere in this country and they make me vomit!


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  1. True; I have found that their venom is unlike any other…

  2. This is what I think of Christian Pharisees:


  3. ‘ it won’t be a radical Muslim, it will be a lukewarm, evangelical Christian’

    Christians AND Jews are the only army in the world that kills its own 😦 SAD!

    • Amen. I have gotten more opposition in my life from evangelical Christians and Christian church people than from anyone else. I am also very prophetic, so I won’t win a popularity contest anytime soon.

  4. You know, I am not a “Jehovah witness” in the religious sense (not part of their religion), but they are the only people of the Christian faith (besides those that H’Shem has called out) that even act like Christians.

    Ive been friends with some JW’s for YEARS. They are way too religious for me. But, they ACT and talk the talk.

    The Jews: FUGEDDABOUDID!!!! They have put me through more hel that I can shake a stick at. Most are miserable people. Orthodox Jews and Lubuvitchers are the only real deal.

    But, I hear you, loud and clear!

    • I don’t see how Orthodox Jews and secular Jews have anything in common. In my experience with secular Jews, they seem like liberal, secular humanists. An Orthodox Jew at least knows that the Law and the Prophets are inspired by the Holy Ghost–and they know that the Lord is actively protecting Israel from Islamo-Fascism even if the United States does not (under Obama).

      I am guessing that a Lubuvitcher is a Hasidic Jew–which means they are probably more conservative than an Orthodox Jew.

      One time back in 2004, I was hitchhiking out of Helena, Montana and this Orthodox Jew from Tsfat, Israel (near the Sea of Galilee) picked me up. I think his name was Gideon. We had the best fellowship. He dropped me off and gave me some food for the road. I later contacted him when he was in Israel and sent him my first book (“High Plains Drifter: A Hitchhiking Journey Across America”); he liked it a lot. He gave my book to some friends of his and they couldn’t believe that I have hitchhiked all over the United States and never got shot. I guess the United States has a stereotype of being an armed camp: you know, everybody is a cowboy walking around with a holster and Colt .45.

      A few years later, I was hitchhiking and this guy and his girlfriend picked me up. He was from a small town in Israel just up the road from Tsfat. It is such a small world.

  5. Who can understand anything, anymore? Yes, def a SMALL world!
    Lubuvitchers are really right wing !! Great ppl.

    I will just stand with ANYONE that stands against this current evil, ya know?

  6. Speaking of a small world. You might like to read these two posts sometime:

    “A Ride in Nebraska, Blue Highways and William Least Heat-Moon”

    “A Ride in Nebraska back in 2006 or What Goes Around Comes Around”

  7. Sorry, Tim, I have been out, singing. I entertain for a living. I will read in the AM… SO tired!!!!!!!

  8. Cool little stories!! 🙂

    See this post of mine, really terrible dream:

  9. I love this post! And what a dream! “killed by lukewarm Christians” LOL! I can believe it!

  10. Lukewarm Christians make me vomit.

  11. I knew that if Obama got elected in again, the Jew hatred would be all over and I am right. I was in chat-land last night, it was horrible. “Christians” hate Israel.
    They deny Jesus Jewishness.
    This is apostasy

  12. The Christians that hate Israel are horribly shallow or conformed to the world. The Satanic world system hates Israel because Israel gave us the Law, the Prophets, the New Testament and the Messiah—all of these expose Satan and his strategies. The Lord’s Word has a trillion times more authority than the laws and whims of man. The Lord gave the land of Israel to the Jews. People who hate Jews and Israel are anti-Christ and anti-God. “There is no fear of God in the eyes of the wicked.”

    Look at the power of God: such a tiny sliver of land (Israel) in the Middle East is such a bone of contention with Muslims, Arabs and other non-Jews. Israel’s neighbors have all kinds of geographical territory and tons of oil and they resent the presence of Israel? It never ceases to amaze me. Yet the Lord is still protecting Israel and blessing Israel.

    Also, Jews world-wide make up a tiny minority of the world population. It is very easy to scapegoat a small minority. It would be much more difficult to scapegoat a minority that makes up 40 percent of the population.

    Jesus never abolished the Law—He fulfilled the Law. The five wounds on His body were the five offerings of Mosaic Law nailed to His flesh. Jesus never rejected His Jewishness. It was the world that called the followers of Jesus “Christians” in the Book of Acts. It was the world that called the Christians in 17th Century England “Quakers”. The world system is a straw fire.

    One of the greatest compliments I have ever received was after I hitchhiked from Ellensburg, Washington to Ames, Iowa back in 1987. I told this Christian that the Lord told me to hitchhike back to Ames. I walked to this park, stood up on this picnic table and said, “Lord, you told me to come here. So now take care of me.” I then took all of my change in my pocket and threw it in the grass. A few hours later, this young Christian couple saw me in the park, took me home and I ended up staying at their house for the next 7 years (I got a full-time job within a week).

    That Christian heard that story and he complimented me, “You are such a Hebrew.” (remember when David and his men fought through the enemy so that David could drink the water at the well in Bethlehem? Then David poured the water on the ground—he poured it unto the Lord).

    “The Living Water of Bethlehem”

    • Cool…

      • Ty for that. I just dont get it. Why would a person calling themself “Christian” hate Israel? It makes NO sense. If indeed, the church is the spiritual Israel, why would they curse the physical one?

        Everything in this WORLD makes me feel confused.
        You should see the Jew hate in chat-rooms, its repulsive.
        I save a chat-session.

  13. TMJ: I am sure there are many reasons why some Christians hate Israel. Replacement theology is a doctrine of demons. Sin makes one blind: there are plenty of blind, deaf and dumb Christians in the United States.

    There are so many evangelical Christians churches in the United States: then why do we have the devil (Obama) in the White House? Have you ever had any fellowship with an evangelical Christian? It is like squeezing blood from a turnip. Sometimes I use “evangelical” as a four-letter word.

    In my hitchhiking travels, I heard too many people complain about The Iraq War and President George W. Bush. I know that the Lord raised up President Bush to get rid of Saddam Hussein and to punish Islam. Hussein was a powerful Satanic stronghold. I believe that Hussein was going to attack Israel. “The Lord strikes through kings in the day of His wrath.”

    So now we have a Muslim president (Obama) who is very pro-abortion, pro-homosexual marriage and anti-Israel. America gets what it deserves. This country is under God’s judgment and it is going to get worse.

  14. NO!!
    I really dont know any Evangelicals!
    I hang with Messianic Jews and Orthodox Jews. Odd comb, huh? Thats who I like and love, though.

    Jehovah Witness’s as well (BUT, I dont share too much as they are too religious, they walk the walk, though, they came to minister to me many times when I was sick, recovering from surgery last yr.. but they want me to be ‘one of them’, but I ALREADY have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. They dont believe in many spiritual things, but DO have the fruits and that is enough to be friends, a LOT nicer than “christian” replacement theologian wackos )

    I go to a Messianic Synagogue that REALLY HATE Obama and a Traditional synagogue that is A-political, but hates Obama 😀 (MY Mom is 100% JEWISH, she is turned off to the max with “Christians)

    YES!!! I AGREE about the late great USA– I want it to go ahead and be judged.
    OF COURSE I will NOT enjoy rockets, bombs, and will be super-scared, but, we so deserve it, I know.

    I liked GWBush in his 1st 3 yrs, then I got super depressed b/c of the open borders insanity and spending. Caving to the left after the 2006 Demo-NAZI take-over of the house.

    I have not ever thought that Bush was evil. OBAMA IS EVIL!!!!

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