McCain Blasts Administration for ‘Massive Cover-up’   3 comments


Senator John McCain

McCain Blasts Administration for ‘Massive Cover-up’
Benghazi Terrorist Attack

3 responses to “McCain Blasts Administration for ‘Massive Cover-up’

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  1. I had left a comment in the section about Sodom a few days ago but it did not get posted. I just wanted to say that I just recently discovered your website and enjoy reading it. The material is thought provoking and timely. I also want to say “God Bless You” to Tim Shey and the readers of this site. I am a follower of Brother John McTernan’s blogsite.

  2. Mrs. CJB: Thank you for your comment. I think I accidentally deleted your comment on my Sodom post—sorry about that. John McTernan has a great ministry; I hope more people read his blog.

    John McTernan’s Insights

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