Psychologists finally acknowledge “moral injuries”   12 comments

post abortion syndrome

By Tom Quiner

Returning servicemen are battling an intractable malady.

Psychologists call them “moral injuries.” They are baffled as to how to treat them.

Moral injuries occur to our soldiers who have killed other human beings during their deployment. In many cases, they occur even if they only witnessed killing and didn’t perpetrate it themselves.

An Associated Press story characterized moral injuries as follows:

“A moral injury tortures the conscience; symptoms include deep shame, guilt and rage. It’s not a medical problem, and it’s unclear how to treat it, says retired Col. Elspeth Ritchie, former psychiatry consultant to the Army surgeon general.”

Moral injuries have been around forever. They permeate American society at frightening levels. The Catholic Church has seen it infect their flock in the lives of women who have had human abortions. The Church increasingly reaches out to these women, and the fathers of the aborted, with post-abortive counseling.

Pills can’t fix the problem.

Psychiatry can’t fix the problem.

It takes spiritual healing, a total embrace of the lavish forgiveness found at the foot of the cross. Even then, apparently, it’s a tough road to hoe for the post-abortive.

A priest once acknowledged the dilemma to me. He said women had come to him and confessed their sin of abortion. (Even if the culture says there is nothing wrong with it, women know in their gut that they’ve done something gravely wrong.) The priest said that Christ forgives them their sin. And He does, He really, really does.

But they can’t accept His forgiveness.

That is how traumatic moral injuries are.

Interestingly, CNN has shown an interest on how abortion affects the lives of women after having abortions. They have asked women to come forward and tell their stories. The vast majority of the women who have come forward acknowledge regret, deep pain and suffering due to their decision.

God love these women. They are hurting bad. Here are but a few comments from CNN’s website from post-abortive women:

“7 years later and I am still heartbroken.”

“I never wanted to have an abortion, but it haunts me that I still did it anyway.”

“I wanted them to put that baby back inside of me.”

“I don’t know a single post abortive woman that isn’t self destructive.”

“Our choices have consequences whether we see it right away or not.”

“For months after that, I knew nothing except that I wanted to die. Death was the only certain escape from the horrific pit that had formed in my soul. I begged for therapy. I screamed for help. But only inside. How could I admit what I had done?”

As the Army is slowly learning, human beings experience moral injuries when they kill other human beings.

Women who buy the lie that human abortion is moral because it is legal are suffering the same injuries as our soldiers.

Although there are just wars, there are no just abortions.

We need to end abortion for the sake of women, if nothing else. Millions of women are dying a slow death due to the trauma of moral injuries.

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12 responses to “Psychologists finally acknowledge “moral injuries”

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  4. This is really good, it makes people see how real the problem of abortion is! Some even claim that Satanists use the innocent blood to open demonic portals, so they have power to influence this natural world. This is done by the sacrificial law. The one who holds the responsibility, (re)directs it’s (spiritual) effects, if the right esoteric knowledge is present.

  5. Thank you for the great comment, Yuliy. I never thought of abortion like that before.

    All these murdered baby boys and girls as blood sacrifices to Satan—Baal Worship.

  6. I had a neighbor once, who admitted to me, that she had several abortions, and didn’t think much of it, UNTIL she got married and then gave birth to her and her husband’s children. Then every time she would look at one of her kids, she would wonder what the others would have looked like. She found that she missed them later in her life, and DEEPLY regretted her actions…

  7. You can run, but you can’t hide. You can close your eyes to sin, you can try to run away from sin, but the guilt always catches up with you.

    I met a woman who had an abortion. Her husband later told me that every time she took a bath, for no reason she would start weeping. Later she realized that she was weeping for the child she had murdered.

    Trauma happens everywhere in this sin-sick world—not just on battlefields. The trauma of murdering your own baby will eventually haunt the man and woman who decided to kill the baby—and if this sin is not repented of, it may lead to mental and physical illness. Your sin shall find you out.

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  9. I have known so many women that went in to have an abortion, came out (a few days later) with nervous breakdowns, etc.
    Its a HORROR.

  10. TMJ: Too many people think that life is only physical and material. We are tripartite: body, soul and spirit. Even if someone does not believe in the spiritual aspect of life, we all have emotions—the mind can become wounded. Premeditated murder (abortion) and then the cover-up or denial of that murder will cause mental and/or physical illness.

  11. Powerful!! I just happened to write a posting for post-abortion syndrome for this week. Only God can heal the deep wounds that this creates in each woman’s heart and soul. Thanks for sharing this information!

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