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This is from the blog A Voyage of Glory! (Yuliy Valenko):

On 5 March in the year 2013 I left Kempten, a small city in the southern parts of Germany (Also called: the Bavarian area). After serving there as a youth group leader, organizing some activities like treasure hunting, whereby the group listens to what the Spirit of God says to us through our thought realm, it was time for me to continue my journey.

After saying goodbye to all the new good friends in Kempten I started to hitchhike towards Essen, to visit another friend whom I met a couple months ago in the South of France, doing mission work (mostly supernatural healing through the laying on of hands.)

The first driver who picket me up was a man who was very interested in listening to me while I was telling him about Jesus Christ, and who he was. This man was just about to study theology because he wanted to obtain a deeper understanding of the life he lives. His name is Robert and eventually he dropped me off in Frankfurt, I prayed and blessed him, and he gave me 100 euros to support my journey! Praise God!

In just a couple hours I could arrive at my friends place. He lives in Gelsenkirchen (a city next to Essen). We talked about our various adventures, and shared stories and encouraged each other in faith by telling how awesome Gods works in our lives! I stayed with him for two nights, and in order to ride out of that urban city area, I asked a driver on a rideshare website if he could take me to Hannover!

It all went very fluently as I continued to hitchhike to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Through the HelpX website, I could arrange a place there to do volunteer work. This I did in order to be able to live there for a while. HelpX offers different places all around the world where travelers like me can do volunteer work in exchange for food and accommodation. Why Stockholm? Well, when I was in Kempten I contacted a pastor from a certain international church (ICC) and he had opportunity for me to serve in Paris or in Stockholm. I don’t like Paris, so I went to Stockholm ;)

The hitchhiking was a bit harder than I thought when I came to Denmark, and in the middle of this super rich country I stranded on a quite abandoned gas station. But God turned it for the good! There I met Filip, who also is a christian and I loved to talk with him about all kinds of things, preachers, missions, science, and much more. It was very encouraging, but the problem was that he was heading the wrong way, not on my path at all, that made me worried because it was late already. When we came to the city he lived in (Aarhus), he brought me to the train station and bought a train ticket to Kopenhagen! That train ticket had a worth of about 50 euro! So we blessed each other and I went to Kopenhagen, there I walked a while through the city and eventually decided to take the train to Malmo, a city on the Swedish coast.

On the train I met someone who was studying Hydrology, and he knew people who had the authority over the Swedish tap-water filtering facilities, so I shared about the new thing I just found about the Black Mica filtering method. I found this appointment as I call it very inspiring, for he had traveled a lot in his life also!

When I came in Malmo, the friend in the train provided me with some information about the salvation army, in order to sleep there. So I went to the salvation army, but it appeared to be closed already, for it was very late. But suddenly I heard a voice behind me asking me if I was looking for a place to sleep, and when I turned around I saw a man with a bike, his appearance winked the idea that he had slept in the salvation army for years. He asked me if he could show me the way, I said yes and that was the first time I hitchhiked a bike. It was a very weird experience, him, me, and my backpack on one old and shaky bicycle! So he managed to drop me off at some place where I could get a completely free room to sleep in, and in the morning I had a wonderful breakfast along with a couple other immigrants and troubled souls. And after I had eaten the breakfast I was heading towards the entrance, and I saw a man sitting and he was hurting badly in his arm. I asked If I could pray for his arm, he allowed me and so I prayed and commanded the arm to restore and fill up with Gods life. After the prayer I talked a bit about the gospel and he eventually said to me: ‘You know, I’m very surprised, all pain is gone!’ A woman who was working there saw it and I saw that she saw it and I knew that this was the moment to ask for some food (I had none), so she gave me a couple sandwiches! That morning I was tested on my patience, because it was quite difficult to hitchhike out of this city. While I was waiting and a bit frustrated, two girls joined me in waiting for a car, and of course, a car stopped and we could hitchhike together to Stockholm. We talked about a couple things, but we didn’t get along with each other very well (probably because of my frustrated condition). It was cold outside and it was super hard to find someone who was heading towards Stockholm. That night I came in Linkoping, and again I had nowhere to sleep! This time I kept walking through the city and it seemed like I was going to sleep outside (it was very cold). I started to pray and ask God why didn’t he give me someone this time! I came to the bus station and some of the last buses were about to leave. I stood there and got into a conversation with someone who had trouble speaking English (He was from Syria), when another man joined I started to tell them both about Jesus and what I was doing there in their city. Then one of them asked me if I had a place to sleep that night, I said I had not and he invited me over to his home. It turned out that I slept in the home of the other man that night, God works in strange ways!

That morning I got a straight ride to Stockholm and there I met with Gerard, who is a scientist-architect, he has a project called ‘equilibrium’, which is a method to build super cheap eco-villages made out of houses of ETFE plates. Nice idea, and I will store that one in my archive ;) So until this moment that I write this post, I worked at Gerards place, 8 hours a day, mostly doing spakling and sanding.

I found a very nice church in Stockholm, the New Life charismatic baptist church, which is very active in missions and it has a very effective deliverance ministry!

Praise the Lord for his Grace and Mercy!

A Voyage of Glory!
Navajo in actie in Almere

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  1. God bless you for constantly being about our Father’s business wherever you are. Please pray for healing in my husband’s body as he has multiple health issues. May the Lord meet your every need and use you mightily wherever you may go.

    • Lay your hands on him, and proclaim Gods promises over his life. Command the illness to go, and listen to the Spirit in you if He tells you about another spirit that you need to rebuke in your husbands life. Do this in Jesus name! Much strength and hope to you!! Blessings 🙂

  2. Thank you, imyuliy for your instruction and kind words. In the past I have averted some medical emergencies by laying hands on him and praying for him. I believe I am ready to do this again. I believe the day is coming when he will ask me to do so. Anyone who wants to agree with me for his spiritual and physical redemption is welcome to agree with me in prayer. We are praying for total salvation, freedom from past family sins and illnesses in his body such as past bladder cancer, loss of one ureter and kidney, type 2 diabetes,medication for high blood pressure, and now they are looking at a cyst or growth on the adrenal gland of the remaining kidney. I believe that imyuliy, Tim Shey and other can help me through this, as I know I have Jesus but feel afraid and alone at times. I have told alot here, I have put myself and my husband out on this powerful Christian website I discovered not long ago. I believe God can set people in my path and alongside me to support me. I cannot get on my husband’s laptop all the time, but I will continue to check The Road on my liitle cellphone. God Bless You All and may we all be of help to all who God puts in our path.

  3. Also anoint him with blessed (set aside) olive oil when you bless him in the name of Jesus. Proclaim: If you live in Me, and My words live in you, You shall ask for anything in My name and you shall receive it, in order to give glory to the father and in order that your joy would be full. Then ask for the healing, and believe that you have it. For “by His stripes we are healed.” No evil disease shall cleave to his body, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Keep doing it till the demons are gone and he is healed…

  4. Dear Dreams of Dunamis,
    Thank you and the Lord bless you for your instructions and powerful words which line up completely with the Word of God and with the Gifts of th Holy Ghost. I agree with every word and instruction, and that this is what must be done. This is what will snatch our friends and loved ones from the jaws of death before they can give their lives to the Lord. My husband is living proof that God is not finished with him yet. He is a living miracle, and there is more to be accomplished here. God Bless Everyone here who has agreed or is agreeing with me in prayer for total healing of his spirit, soul and body.

  5. Tim,
    I think we may be closer than we realized! http://sharetestimonies.blogspot.com/2013/05/a-warning-scripture.html


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