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This is from the blog It Is Finish3d:

Below is an article that my teenage daughter submitted for publication several months ago for a local “Good Christian” church booklet. They chose to discard this article and replace it with something “with which they felt more comfortable.” I notice that their church sign that has been posted since Easter reads only “He is Risen,” as they still refuse to acknowledge, “It is finished!”

**Christ has always been, is, and will always be. However, since His birth on this earth and sacrifice on the cross, man has been able to live uncondemned for the first time since Adam’s fall. Much like Mary we ask, “How can this be?” How can I, a sinner, now be seen as a spotless, sinless child of the Living God? Through Christ, I now have redemption, grace, and unlimited, unmerited favor from the Father. Through Him I never have to accept sickness, rely on earthly circumstances for my provision, or listen to condemnation. Christ did not take care of man’s sin just for a brief time, but rather all time. Not only did He take our sins at the cross, but also our sickness, poverty, and oppression. I’m tired of the misguided notion that we must wait to die to be taken to Heaven to experience freedom from sickness. He came that we may have life (HERE, as well as eternally) and have it more abundantly! We can never lose this gift, if we’ve ever invited Christ to be our Savior. Even though we are not living as if we know these truths, through the Holy Spirit inside us, we can hold to these promises NOW. Christ has ALREADY healed us! He healed us that day on the cross. I see so many in the church growing fatigued and old from worry, as well as falling sick. Why? I believe that it is because this truth isn’t taught, nor is it widely accepted, even in the church. No matter how many verses state it, many fail to see it, as such truth can only be shown by the Spirit. If nowhere else in this world, those in the church should surely be able to see the hope that is in Christ that we are healed, forever forgiven, and treasured beyond compare because of all He has already purchased for us. Christ’s birth was our hope, but His promise to us now is when He cried out, “It is finished!”

Prayer: Father, I seek you, and ask you for grace and truth through your precious Son, Jesus Christ. I depend on your Holy Spirit to help me listen to your Word and show me how powerful is your healing. I know that it is so important that You, my Lord, paid the most terrible price for it, that I may come to have it by grace. Today, I know there is no symptom in my body that is too insignificant for You and no condition that is greater than what Your finished work has accomplished. Thank you for helping me to accept my finished healing and unmerited favor. Thank You for filling my heart with Your peace and joy. In Jesus’ name, Amen.**

It Is Finish3d 

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  1. If they keep giving in, they will just submit to this anti christ thing

  2. Amen. So many “Christian” churches are anti-Christ—which means they are anti-anointing. Christ mean “anointed” or “the anointed one”.

    Do some Christians really wonder why Obama is in the White House? Just look at all of the worldly, lukewarm, anti-Christian “Christian” churches in the United States. These deadbeat “Christians” want the state to take care of them and solve their problems, not the Lord Jesus Christ.

  3. WOW! I was extremely blessed by your daughter’s paper! She is so precocious, & should be encouraged! Please tell her to continue to hear from the Holy Spirit, & to continue writing! Hers remind me of Is11:6 ‘..a little child shall lead them’ & Ps8:2 ‘Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies..’. Many churches today are ‘playing church’ or just ‘doing church’. They are devoid of what is important- shallow & pathetic Re3:15-20. ‘It is finished’ was the last words of Jesus before He died for our sins Jn19:30, but every year, the churches go through the same rituals!

    On Monday, I will be submitting my next blog post titled ‘True Love vs False Love- the Apostasy of Today’s Churches’! It can be found at

    God bless you & yours!
    Aloha, Drgold

  4. I agree, Tim–this last move of ‘born again’ believers is evil. They are for homosexual marriage, they hate Israel, and they do Commie-church, and I hate to have to say this, but Warrens son probably was even a more serious depression because in his heart of hearts–he knows this

  5. Yeah, I heard about Rick Warren’s son committing suicide. Nobody wants someone’s son to commit suicide, but I had read that he was on medication because of his depression. Why didn’t they (the Warrens/their church organization) pray for healing and/or deliver him of demons? Probably because Rick Warren’s church is so stinking conformed to the world.

    I suffered from depression for a number of years and was very suicidal between the ages of 15 and 25, but in desperation I asked the Lord to heal me or else I was going to blow my brains out. And eventually I was healed. The great sadness about my faith in Jesus healing me of manic-depression is that NOT ONE SINGLE CHURCH ORGANIZATION HAS EVER ASKED ME TO GIVE MY TESTIMONY OF BEING HEALED TO THEIR CONGREGATION (my healing began back in January of 1986). That says a lot about most of the churches in the United States.

    The Lord has the final say on everything. “Your sin shall find you out.” The worldly churches are and will be judged much more harshly than those who reject God outright.

    “My Testimony”


  7. TMJ: I am happy to hear that the Lord healed your back. All it takes is a simple act of faith.

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