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“On The Road Again” by Susanne Van Hulst

Today I did my first hitchhiking in six months.  I was north of Alturas, California on U.S. 395 when this Christian truck driver named Chuck pulled over and gave me a ride to Lakeview, Oregon.  We had a great talk about hitchhiking and the things of God.  Chuck did a lot of hitchhiking years ago after he got out of the Army.  He was originally from upstate New York and now lives in western Washington.

It was great to be off the road for six months.  That is the longest time off the road since 1997-1998 when I was off the road for eleven months—I was working construction back in Ames, Iowa.  For the past several months, I helped my friends work cattle, brand cattle, rake leaves, prune trees and other clean up work on their property and I did a lot of reading on the Internet.  So it was time well spent.

It thunder stormed last evening with some intense rain and hail.  There has been some scattered showers today.  I really like the Warner Mountains and the Surprise Valley in northern California—it is also called the California Outback.

Looks like I will head north and maybe towards Montana.

[The photo above is the road to Santa Fe, New Mexico.]

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  1. Best wishes on your journey. May the Lord protect you and guide you.

  2. Lifting you up to our Father… may He keep you safe and in His Will, in Christ Jesus, AMEN

  3. Thank you, Lilyboat. Eastern Oregon (U.S. 395) is one of my favorite hitchhiking routes in the United States.

  4. Thank you, TeachX3. The Presence of God has been very strong the past few days. I am definitely in my Father’s will. God bless you.

  5. Aloha, Tim! What a striking picture, so fitting for where you are in your life right now. It made me think of that song,
    “Where He Leads Me, I Will Follow.” God bless you, watch over you and protect you! \o/

  6. Thank you, Shofar. Right now I am in Kamiah, Idaho. I was in Wyoming for a few days and then I hitchhiked back through Montana. I helped some friends do some work in their garden yesterday. Very rainy and cold here in this part of Idaho.

  7. Sounds like you always have a good time.

    I met with some born again believers for a Bible study. It was horrible, like a psych session. I told them all of my dream of Jesus. I had one about 3 mos ago, it was AWESOME…. Like they didnt want to hear it, just talk about their mental issues.
    WHAT is going on

  8. TMJ: I would like to read your dream about Jesus sometime.

    If certain Christians are only into mental issues, they are probably not into the power of the Holy Ghost—they are not spiritual believers. I rarely spend much time with these people. I have been rejected by too many churchy church people; I rarely go to Bible studies. It seems like these people are too much into head knowledge and not a spiritual relationship with the Lord.

  9. ughadr@yahoo.com is my email.

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