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California Earthquake
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Christian Exodus from California

[5 June 2017]

Three Witnesses

II Corinthians 13: 1:  “In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.”

A few days ago, I was hitchhiking out of Mountain Home, Idaho and I got a ride with a guy all the way to the intersection just south of Bellevue.  He told me that the Lord told him to move out of California ten years ago.  He now lives with his family in Idaho Falls.

The next ride going north, this guy said that the Lord told him to pick me up; he gave me a ride to Hailey.  He told me that he used to live and work in San Diego and had planned on retiring there with his wife.  But then his wife began to have these dreams.  In the dreams, she saw these Chinese soldiers attacking people in the United States (California?).  So he and his wife left California a year ago and now live in Hailey.  I asked him if the Chinese soldiers in his wife’s dreams were part of an invasion force.  He said, no, that the Chinese soldiers were already here in the United States. 

Yesterday I was walking out of Stanley, Idaho when this guy with a pickup and trailer stopped to give me a ride.  His pickup and trailer were jam-packed with stuff, so it would have been hard for me to ride with him; I told him that I would get another ride.  He told me that he was leaving Burney, California permanently and moving to Salmon, Idaho.

The Lord has been moving Christians out of California for a number of years now.  I was hitchhiking in Idaho a few years ago and this guy from Winchester picked me up.  He said that he had heard of many Christians leaving California for eastern Washington, northern Idaho and western Montana.

(I hitchhiked out of northern California on the 12th of May.  I had been working for some friends for the past several months in Modoc County.  Maybe that is the last time I will be in California.)

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  2. Amazing post Tim, watching what is happening in California it is amazing that more people are not fleeing, and you wonder how they can be so blind, then I remember how much opportunity and warning they have had previously. Perhaps this is the Lord blinding the eyes of those with hard hearts. Perhaps those who will, have already left, and those that are left are those who will not see. Sad! God bless you!

    • I live in Los Angeles and I see the wickedness and I want to move but it’s not easy to just and move and find a job, especially in this economy. I just feel that we are about to have a destructive earthquake and I want out. Please know that not all of us are “blind” or rebelling against God. There are many good people in L.A. but, trust me, the wickedness and evil is rampant!

      • My sister lives in LA and I asked her husband. ” How do you plan to get out of LA if there is an earthquake?”
        And he simply said, there is no way out of LA! They sense something is coming have great profession but they need to move. . Anyhow, I told them get a back pack have it ready with food, supplies. medicine packable down coat and especially water. I told them to flee at the first sign do not wait either fly, get on there boat in the water or get on a motorcycle and if you do that you will need extra gas. I do not understand, I can see it so clearly that an earthquake with hit and the drought is going to have extreme consequences

  3. I was hitchhiking in Idaho a few weeks ago and I met this Christian. He told me that many Christians have been leaving California and moving to eastern Washington, northern Idaho and western Montana.

  4. Yeah, but lots of them are Commies and coming here to AZ to CHANGE things!!!!!!!!! Its already bad all over–these demons are NEVER satisfied, Tim

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