A Place to Sleep in Sugar City   7 comments


10 November 2013

Yesterday I hitchhiked from Shoshone to Idaho Falls, Idaho.  I was at the library in I.F. for an hour and then I headed north on U.S. 20.  I got a couple of rides to Rexburg and then I had to walk five or six miles to Sugar City.

I went to this convenience store in Sugar City to get something to drink.  I met this lady there and we got to talking.  I told her that I had been hitchhiking a number of years.

She exclaimed, “You’re hitchhiking in this weather?!  It’s cold outside!”

I said, “I usually find a place to sleep.  I slept in a junked pickup just west of Shoshone last night.”

She said, “You can sleep in my barn, if you want.”

So I walked to her place and took a look at the barn.  I stacked several straw bales together to lay my sleeping bag on.  I slept there last night and stayed warm.  I think it got down to 32 degrees F.

The Lord always helps me find some interesting place to sleep.  The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof (Psalm 24: 1).


“The Good Samaritan” by Vincent Van Gogh

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7 responses to “A Place to Sleep in Sugar City

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  1. Stay warm and safe dear brother:) God bless and protect you always!

  2. Thank you, Sharon. I had a warm place to sleep last night near the river just west of Lolo, Montana.

  3. Stay safe Tim, am keeping you in my prayers! God bless!

  4. I love reading about your meetings with different people! I’ve always wanted to visit Montana, must be gorgeous!

  5. I will definitely keep you in my prayers…
    Be blessed, brother.

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