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Belgrade, Montana

This is from Matt Ogletree’s Facebook page (11 November); Matt gave me a ride from Gallatin Gateway to Belgrade, Montana two days ago:

TIME- Just as we return from the 20 mile delivery and are about to turn on our road, I see a guy walking down the highway. He has the biggest camping pack on I’ve ever seen, looked to well over 100lbs., near approaching a couple hundred pounds! Too bad for him, I had a list of reasons why I couldn’t give him a ride, 1. going wrong direction. 2. in truck so no room in tiny cab with lots of stuff. 3. I’m starving and dinner is going in the oven as we pull in. 4. I just went out of my way to bless someone in need, and was tired now. 5. Someone will see him and pick him up with the gigantic bag nearly crushing him. 6. I’m still getting over this flu, wouldn’t want to get him sick. (I think I had a few more, but they slip my mind.)

It was around the tenth excuse that I realized what I was doing. I was literally in a tooth and nail battle with the Holy Spirit! I just asked publicly and privately for a re invigoration of my Spirit of generosity, and I’d already reached my daily limit? I felt like a turd momentarily, then I set in motion the wheels of obedience.

“B.J., could you please start dinner while I get the car and see if that guy needs a ride?”

“Absolutely Daddy, Love you,” was B.J.’s answer.

So I proceeded to pick up and give a ride to Belgrade, one awesome guy- Tim Shey. He is one of us, a devout follower of Christ and seeker of His will. He has been hitchhiking 17 solid years, covering 38 states. While on the road, he authored two books. He highly recommended that I and my friends read, “HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER”. It’s his book, available at Belgrade Community Library and West Yellowstone Library. He told me of his favorite movies: Gladiator, Man on Fire, and more, but all movies where the protagonist gave his life for a cause greater than themselves. He said that we are to remember Christ’s sacrifice and daily offer up our lives to Him in sacrifice. Tim spoke on Kid’s Ministry, and how as adults we should just read Scripture to them. Let the Holy Spirit work and just give them the Word of God. He was concerned that some adults get caught up when they can’t explain things in a way kids understand or kids just won’t get it. Don’t worry about that whatsoever, said Tim, just offer it to them. I dropped him at McDonalds with Prayer, Blessings, Dinner Money, A business card so that he won’t have to thumb it next time he passes our way, and genuine kinship with another traveling brother of mine.


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  1. Dear Tim,

    I pray this note finds you in good cheer, as well as those you cherish. Here are some gentle thoughts for you to encourage you as you have encouraged me.

    The world in its societies and different cultures has continually evolved in an ever changing motion, and it is inherently unique for each soul in the age of time that one finds oneself living in. Therefore, the souls who have gone before us in leaving us a legacy, through the example of their lives or perhaps in a body of work, must always be understood within the light of the only beginning and ending that holds existence.
    Inasmuch as, when the book of conscience is opened in the end of life, one must find one’s name written in it only in truth, otherwise the very word that has spoken in the darkness of the heart will condemn that one.

    (Revelation 20: 11-15; John 12:48)

    The people of the earth may speculate upon the truth or be confounded by it, or even deny the brilliance of the light that truth brings to all that it touches. Yet, in considering all of this, the very proof of its pureness, its power and its eternal presence is revealed. This revelation rests hidden from the unspiritual eye, although for the discerning soft heart it becomes a light, for it is the very foundation of life itself.

    So, I need not act the council or lawyer in pleading a case of argument, nor in an explanation of human reasoning to convince. For as deep calls to deep, so truth calls to truth. Thus, this oracle speaks plainly just as truth simply exists.

    (Psalm 42:7)

    Truth exists perfectly within itself in peace and in love, dwelling in an infinite harmony of song. In the same manner, truth sits in creation and moves everything in it. Nevertheless, truth is dependent upon nothing else for its existence, for truth is existence. And the Creator has placed this existence from eternity within the heart, although most souls upon the earth do not understand what divine providence has done from the beginning through to the end, since lie’s illusion holds one in time.

    (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

    Down through the ages, many of the philosophers, the theologians, and the metaphysicians have felt the need to define truth. This is an untruth. Untruth is to defy the truth, to disobey the truth. Lie is part truth and part defiance, as defiance must always have its object of desire. Lie draws near to oppose truth, for that is its nature. Yet, lie draws away at the same time so as not to be exposed. Lie is in a rage of truth….drawing near and drawing away….rage.

    Simply, lie cannot live without truth and lie cannot live with truth. Lie cannot live with truth, because if the moving illusion of lie stays within the bright light of truth for too long, it gets exposed and no longer exists. Lie cannot live without truth because its very nature is to oppose truth, since defiance must always have its object of desire. Therefore, we find that lie lives within the orbit of truth as in a rage. War is rage encircling the truth…. all war, any war, the human heart at war with itself.

    One cannot think of these things in a linear fashion, as in two sides to a coin, but one must see these things with the eye of wisdom by perceiving the illusion as in a sphere which holds constant surface and perennial depths, thus possessing complex movements. For in a deeply obscure understanding just as truth exists without lie, so truth exists within the illusion of lie….as in a mystery.
    Yet, there is no lie in truth.

    So, there are mysteries of God and God is a mystery, and the Christ spoke about mysteries, and he spoke in mysteries to those on the outside, since only the soft hearts will perceive the truth and receive the truth, or understand the truth and embrace the truth.

    (Matthew 13:11-15; Mark 4:11-12; Luke 17:20-21; John 12:35-41; Romans 11:7-8; Psalm 34:18)

    Wisdom perceives that truth is not found first in a name or motion outside the heart, but truth is found within the heart first, and may then move outside the heart even in a name or motion. And in the beginning of the life of every heart, this truth is as a tiny seed of light that desires to grow among the many seeds of darkness that also lie therein.

    (Matthew 13:31-32; I John 1:5-10)

    The soft hearts will find that the divine will is as a swift horse that the inner eye of the mind rides on, as it pierces the darkness, opening unto itself in power by seeing all things in the light. And upon embracing this light, the power of truth stops the motion of lie dead, by extinguishing the illusion of lie in the light, thus destroying its power and energy.

    (II Corinthians 10:3-5)

    This is taught to us by the anointing within through the illumination of truth, for as one obeys this illumination, then that one is defended by the conscience by an inner peace, since the Prince of peace is the source of salvation for all who seek obedience.

    I John 2:27; John 16:8-15; Romans 2:14-15, Isaiah 9:6; Hebrews 5:9)

    The illumination of truth in the heart is the appearance of the Lord in his holiness. This appearance of holiness brings obedience and faith in the soft heart and rebellion and unbelief in the hard heart.

    (Titus 2:11-14; Genesis 4:1-8)

    Accordingly, the souls who purify themselves through seeking obedience by learning to watch and wait upon this light, will soon feel the continuous presence of the coming of the Lord to rule and reign upon his throne. For just as lightening cracks the sky in the east and is seen in the west, so the Lord shall come and bring salvation to those who are waiting for him.

    (II Thessalonians 2:1-15; Romans 16:20; Genesis 3:15)(I John 3:8; Hebrews 2:14-18) (Matthew 24:27; Hebrews 9:28)

    With tender mercy, the Holy One who holds the key of David has set before me an open door that no one can shut, as my spirit walks through the seven seals of God into his kingdom. For the mystery of the kingdom of heaven is unlocked and given to the soft hearts, for the kingdom of God is found within one.

    (Revelation 3:7-8; 5:1-11:15; Matthew 13:11-15; Psalm 34:1; Luke 17:20-21; Galatians 2:19-20)

    What I write to you about are the divine truths which are a mystery that I have paid dearly for through deep suffering. And I present all of these things to you as a simple man for I am nothing and I possess nothing except suffering. Yet, in the times of persecution and suffering there remains the burning fire of God’s love which brings a lasting comfort. For sharing in these sufferings in a fellowship with the Christ, the Spirit of holiness testifies with my spirit that I am indeed a child of God and an heir, because of experiencing the glory of the Lord through the manifestation of the divine nature.

    (Romans 8:16-30; I Peter 4:12-13; Hebrews 2:10- 3:6; Revelation 14:12; 11:15; Galatians 2:19-20)

    As I have contemplated God and creation, so God and creation have contemplated me. With such intensity have I felt God’s desire to be united with me, that with awe do I now see and better understand the wisdom and the depth of the divine love. This is the perfect love, the disinterested, selfless love. This is the love that has no motive except to present itself in its pure divine form.

    This love is often understood as and called light, and it is the only substance that is perfect within the universe and in all creation, being found in the visible and invisible worlds. For God is love and love is the energy that is conceived by the motion of understanding that flows from the Wisdom, which is the brilliant light of the will found within the Eternal mind.

    (I John 1:5; 4:16-18)

    The aperture of the will is found within the universe as an eternal choice to fill its opening with love, which is the sole root of all energy that moves anything and everything, yet it remains passive and gentle in its essence. So, the manifestation of the will dwells within the Eternal mind of Wisdom in complete and perfect stillness as it rests in its origin. Therefore, resting within the dwelling of stillness which is the doorway of the origin of the will, one may obtain perfect understanding of the true image of the Creator.

    (Psalm 46:10; I Kings 19:11-13; Psalm 91:1; 51:6)

    Upon speaking of the Eternal mind concerning the essence of man and woman, I speak of the living image of the Creator lodged intrinsically perfect within the soul. As only the arch type of perfection alone, which is the spark of divinity within, can ignite itself to grow more luminous for the mind’s perception to expand in identifying truth in order to embrace it or reject it.

    This expression from the Wisdom is the Eternal Word of God which speaks within the heart, given that the light of the glory of the Word, being the exact and perfect image of the origin, is the spark of the divine flame that is found within one.

    (John 1:1-5, 9, 14; II Corinthians 4:4; Hebrews 1:3; Colossians 1:15; 3:9-10; I Peter 1:23)

    Every individual upon the earth becomes a living being as the Eternal Word of God breathes life, this spark of light, from the Eternal mind of Wisdom into the soul. And this spark of God is the will, who simply is from always.

    (I John 1:5; John 1:1,4,9; Genesis 2:7; I Corinthians 15:45; II Corinthians 4:4; Hebrews 1:3)

    The will is the one perfect Being, the uncreated Eternal Being, who is found within all the other beings as a tiny seed of pure light. And light moves within darkness and exists without darkness, yet there is no darkness in light, as God is light.

    (Ephesians 4:6; Colossians 1:17; I Corinthians 15:28) (I John 1:5 and John 1:5, 9)

    For this reason, the motion of that which is imperfect moves only in time. However, when perfection comes to dwell within one, then that which is imperfect disappears because what is perfect moves within and without time, which is eternity.

    (I Corinthians 13:10)

    So, those who have the mind of the Christ, have the mind of he who is eternal. For as one walks in the light, just as the Father of origin lives in light, then that one becomes purified of all sin and unrighteousness, for to shun evil is to have understanding of the Eternal One, and thus eternity.

    (I Corinthians 2:16; I John 1:7; James 1:17; Job 28:28)

    Thereupon, abiding always in thankfulness and mercy, one finds safe passage in the land of humility where the devil cannot dwell. For when the mind goes out from that which is pure and holy, and strays from that which is truth, then that one looks upon oneself in darkness, instead of looking upon the light of God.

    Thus, one is out of the fear of the Lord, away from the meekness by becoming ensnared in the fierceness, and God is no longer in those thoughts. And the spirit of darkness is subtle and powerful in the illusions that ensnare the thoughts.

    Waiting in the simplicity of holiness and in the gentle strength of the pure measure of the Spirit, one comes to understand illusion, which is the impurity of the spirit of darkness. For as one learns to become still and quiet in obedience to hear God speak, then, through the unfolding of his words that one obtains light for the eyes to see.

    (Psalm 119:130; 19:8; 18:28; Ephesians 3:16-17; I Peter 3:4; John 1:1-5, 9; 6:63)

    And as the light of the One who lives in unapproachable light grows within one, then that one begins to reflect God’s glory, for that one is being transformed into the likeness of the perfect One with the eternal glory, which comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.

    (II Corinthians 3:17-18)(John 1:1-5, 9, 14) (I Timothy 6:16)(Colossians 3:9-10)

    The soul who comes to know the true substance of life, by learning to wait upon that which is pure and holy, will soon see and feel the scriptures fulfilled. For the spirit of that one shall be able to confess that the Christ has come in the flesh.

    (I John 4:2-3; 3:24-4:6; II John verses 1-11; III John verse 1; Ephesians 2:16; Galatians 2:19-20) (John 21:20-24; Revelation 1:7-18)

    You are in my thoughts and my thoughts have become my prayers.


    Michael Christopher

    Michael Christopher
  2. I pressed ‘Like’, but I actually LOVE this! Neat to see how you are being used by God to be a blessing to others!

  3. Dunamis: Even though Matt and I were in the vehicle for no more than ten minutes, we had excellent fellowship. Matt is really in tune with the Holy Ghost.

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