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“The fire fell and burned in me till the Holy Spirit clearly revealed absolute purity before God. At this point she (the Sister who laid hands upon him) was called out of the room, and during her absence a marvelous revelation took place, my body became full of light and Holy Presence, and in the revelation I saw an empty Cross and at the same time the Jesus I loved and adored crowned in the Glory in a Reigning Position. The glorious remembrance of these moments is beyond my expression to give–when I could not find words to express, then an irresistible Power filled me and moved my being till I found to my glorious astonishment I was speaking in other tongues clearly. After this a burning love for everybody filled my soul. I am overjoyed in giving my testimony, praying for those that fight this truth, but I am clearly given to understand that I must come out of every unbelieving element. I am already witness of signs following. Praise Him.”

–Smith Wigglesworth

“If the Holy Ghost came to some churches, there would be a stampede to the door.”

–Leonard Ravenhill

Blaise Pascal

Gregory of Nazianzus:  “God is called a ‘consuming fire'”

Akal Esh:  The Consuming Fire

A Warning Dream

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  1. Thank you for the reblog Tim and God bless you!

  2. The Holy Ghost is a burning fire that burns up the chaff of demonic bondage.

  3. Hi Tim, Thanks for finding my comment about The Emperor and his new clothes interesting enough to repost. Strange times for sure. Its funny how little things, memories or childhood fables stick with us isn’t it? Looks like you are on the hiking/road trip that peoples dreams are made of.
    God Bless you on your travels and may He keep you safe from harm. Joni

  4. Thank you, Joni. I thought the fable about the Emperor’s new clothes describes Barack Obama perfectly. Take care.

    “Dead in the Water”

  5. Here is a comment that I posted here:

    Here is my two cents worth on the Word of Faith Movement.

    I haven’t seen Joyce Meyers for quite a few years, but I think she is a great teacher; she is anointed and submits to her husband–she always honors her husband. She is not into the Word of Faith Movement; I have heard her criticize the Word of Faith people

    Back in 1988-1990, I read a few books by Kenneth Hagin that were very good. I also listened to a number of his teaching tapes. I later listened to a few of Kenneth Copeland’s tapes, but the Lord told me to get rid of the Copeland tapes and to get back into reading Scripture. I don’t like the name-it-and-claim-it teaching and that God wants you to be materially wealthy (there are some Christians who are materially wealthy, but our true wealth is the Lord working in our lives). I think I have only listened to Gloria Copeland once. I believe the Word of Faith Movement is a bit cultish.

    I like the 700 Club a lot. Pat Robertson has some good insights.

    Most of the people that I have met who really hate the Word of Faith Movement don’t have the power of the Holy Ghost in their lives. I am not a Word of Faith man, but I am sure that the people who attack the Word of Faith people would not like me at all. Why? I obey the Lord daily; I don’t go to church on Sunday; I was healed of manic-depression in 1986 and I have been delivered of hundreds of demons–I am still being delivered of demons to this day–and no church organization has ever invited me to give my testimony of my healing and deliverance. I am not going to trample on the Precious Blood of Jesus just to be a friend of a shallow, lukewarm, evangellyfish Christian.

    Too many people attack the power of the Holy Ghost because Christ is not formed within them–they are still into the letter and not into the Spirit. They attack the power of the Holy Ghost because they don’t have the power of the Holy Ghost in their lives. Carnal, baby Christians ALWAYS attack spiritual, mature Christians. People usually hate and attack that which they don’t have or understand.

    November 16, 2013 at 9:54 pm

  6. They hate what they fear most of all I think, and so many of them are afraid to lose themselves in Him, as if what and who they are are really important. They forget that what God sees when He looks at them is not them but the blood of Jesus, and yet they are not willing to immerse themselves in the very word that gives them the glory. They see the blueprint and they have the foundation but they fear the investment of life and try to get by on such a puny budget that their abode will not withstand the fierce winds of challenge that are coming at them. Sorry for the sermon Tim! God bless!

  7. Loopyloo: Thank you for the sermon. The problem with too many Christians is that they never get off of the milk bottle. There is a lot more to the Gospel and the Kingdom than justification by faith. They should read and pursue these Scriptures:

    Hebrews 6: 1-3: “Therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection; not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works, and of faith toward God, Of the doctrine of baptisms, and of laying on of hands, and of resurrection of the dead, and of eternal judgment. And this will we do, if God permit.”

    But as we can see, there is that bothersome Scripture that says, “if God permit.” So my big question of the day is: Is it God’s will for most of the Body of Christ to suck on milk bottles their entire lives? I hope not!

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