Big Sky to Four Corners, Montana   6 comments

big sky

Big Sky, Montana

Yesterday I was standing on the side of the road in Big Sky, Montana when this car pulled over.  I got in the car and we headed north towards Bozeman.

The guy’s name was James.  As we talked, James looked at me and said, “Hey, you’re Tim Shey.  You wrote High Plains Drifter.  I picked you up earlier this year.”

I said, “Yeah, I recognize you.  You gave me a ride from Darby, Montana to the pass on the Idaho-Montana line.  I slept at that ski area that night.”

“I bought your book.”

“Let’s stop at your place and I can sign my book for you.”

So we drove to his trailer home at Four Corners.  James lived there with his girlfriend, his cousin and his dog.  He let me sleep on the couch.  I was grateful because it got down to around 8 degrees F last night.  It should warm up to 30 degrees F later today.  God willing, I will be heading west on I-90.

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6 responses to “Big Sky to Four Corners, Montana

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  1. I truly love your updates… the ‘small’ things, that many take for granted are spotlighted as the blessings they are! 😀 Stay warm!

  2. Thank you, TeachX3. It was nice that I could sign my book for James and it was great not to sleep in the cold for the night. The Lord really knows how to put people in your path.

  3. Praise Jesus for your safety and warmth! I am starting to worry about you like your mom…lol. God bless.

  4. Sharon: I slept in a shed that had a wood floor, so that helped quite a bit. I started to get cold just before dawn.

    The next day, I got three rides to Grangeville, Idaho where these guys let me stay in a heated shed at their gravel pit, so that was a much better place to sleep.

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