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Chief Dan George


A few days ago, I was hitchhiking west on I-90 just outside Belgrade, Montana.  This eighteen-wheeler pulled over and I ran up to the cab and climbed in.  The guy driving the truck was Art and he was seventy-five years old.  He was hauling some equipment to Tacoma, Washington.

Art told me that he was driving through New Mexico a number of years ago.  He was somewhere near Gallup on I-40 when he saw this skinny guy walking down the highway.  Art pulled over to give him a ride.  The guy got in the cab and immediately Art recognized  him .  It was Chief Dan George who was in the film The Outlaw Josey Wales, starring Clint Eastwood.

Art asked Chief Dan George why he didn’t have his own pickup.  George said that those Hollywood guys don’t pay very well.  They stopped at a cafe and got something to eat.  George autographed something for Art.  Art gave George a ride for seventeen miles—he lived on a nearby reservation.

I remember watching The Outlaw Josey Wales—I have seen it a few times now.  I thought Chief Dan George did a good job of acting in the film.

Art dropped me off in Missoula.  I walked across Missoula, hitched another ride to Lolo and camped out near the river west of Lolo that night.

george and eastwood

Chief Dan George
The Outlaw Josey Wales
Clint Eastwood’s film High Plains Drifter (1973)

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  1. Hope all is well. Sandy at the Canyon Ferry Mansion

  2. Sandy: Good to hear from you. Right now I am in Riggins, Idaho. I should be heading south towards Boise later today. Take care.

  3. I pray your Thanksgiving is a blessed one! 😀

  4. Thanks, TeachX3. I don’t know where I will be for Thanksgiving.

    • But God does 😀 and He will see to it that you are exactly ‘where’ you need to be 😉 so that no matter how you spend that day, you will be blessed and thankful to Him! \ 😀 /

  5. TeachX3: Looks like I will be spending Thanksgiving with some friends in southern Idaho.

  6. Hi Tim,
    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Thank you, Dunamis.

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