Getting a Ride with Hans and Joke Grutter   10 comments

tim and hans

Tim and Hans

tim and joke

Tim and Joke

Yesterday I got a ride from Lolo, Montana to Kooskia, Idaho with Hans and Joke (pronounced “yoka”) Grutter.  They are a Christian couple from Holland.  We stopped for a while to see these guys in three boats go down the Clearwater River on U.S. 12.  Hans and Joke dropped me off in Kooskia and took the two pictures above.  Their plans were to drive to Seattle and then fly back to Holland.

10 responses to “Getting a Ride with Hans and Joke Grutter

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  1. Such lovely pictures!!! God bless you brother, God is soo Good! 🙂

  2. Yuliy: The funny thing about the trip with Hans and Joke is that, when we stopped to watch these guys put in their boats on the river, we met these two other couples from Holland.

  3. Tim…you remind me of a softer version of John the Baptist 🙂

    come on over to Prescott soon.
    You have a trundle bed here and food.
    You’ll love my sweet husband, albeit he is a doubting Thomas.

    The MAD Jewess
  4. TMJ: About a year ago, I was hitchhiking down U.S. 93 and I actually thought of hitchhiking to Arizona and looking you and your husband up, but the Lord had me go in another direction. I know I drove through Prescott many years ago (1978) when I was working in a lumber yard in Phoenix and I may have hitchhiked through there once. I have hitchhiked through Flagstaff many times over the years. It has been a while since I have hitchhiked through Arizona.

    That is funny that you mentioned John the Baptist. You may want to read this:

    “Wearing a Rough Garment”

  5. Its kind of hot now, but in Sept/Oct, its cooler.
    Maybe the Lord will bring you on over 🙂

    No worry.. I just got married not long ago and its been wonderful.. I usually only hang with my hubby, since he is my best friend also. He is not spiritual, most Jews are not. He is a little stubborn but has seen the miracles God has done for me and cannot refute it 😀

    I have a few friends up here but they are not really spirit filled.
    I have ONE Jewish friend here and most of the people I fellowship with are Jehovah Witness’s who are legalistic but they have a heart for the things of God. So, I protect my heart from things I don’t agree with about them.
    Over all, I agree w/ them about 80% of the time which is more than I can say for most Christians.
    Weird and sad..

    At any rate:
    My email address again:

    The MAD Jewess
  6. Congratulations on getting married. I think the last time I hitchhiked through northern Arizona was back in 2007.

  7. We got married a couple years ago. It has been bliss.
    I was out of Gods will to the MAX for 7-8 years. Just existing.. Then, I fell crazy in love.

    He is a wonderful man, but not spiritual. Which is OK, he is a discerning person which is good in this day and age.

    I have to get, going to sing 😀

    The MAD Jewess
  8. ‘John Knox
    “Let a thing here be noted, that the prophet of God sometimes may teach treason against kings, and yet neither he nor such as obey the word, spoken in the Lord’s name by him, offend God.”‘

    OH Good, someone else that KNOWS.

    The MAD Jewess
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