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What Church is NOT: Reviewing Some Basics
By Roger Thoman

Church, by definition is not a building, not a place of worship, not an organization.

As Neil Cole likes to say: “We are the church.  Where we go the church goes.”

“God does not dwell in temples made by human hands.”  Stephen, before being martyred.

Church is not a come-and-sit service to attend.

“The church’s true nature is best seen by the life that Jesus modeled: he took the life of the kingdom everywhere that he went—out into the world that he was ministering to.”  Roger Thoman

Church is not a passive gathering where some participate and others just listen.

“The bleachers are beginning to empty as 707 million action-oriented Christians start to pour out onto the playing field and discover the joy and challenge of every-member ministry.”  Jim Rutz

Church is not a professionally-led entitity.

“In the New Covenant we do not need a human priest (pastor) to mediate or pray for us as we now have a High Priest as our mediator…  Having a pastor as our priest violates our own priesthood as it leads to hierachization, compartmentalization and fragmentation and makes us lazy laity… Priests do not lead worship but the Body of Brethren (Body of men, women and even youth) minister to each other.”  Victor Choudhrie

Church is not a business.

“In the first century in Palestine Christianity was a community of believers. Then Christianity moved to Greece and became a philosophy. Then it moved to Rome and became an institution. Then it moved to Europe and became a culture. And then it moved to America and became a business. We need to get back to being a healthy, vibrant community of true followers of Jesus.”  Priscilla Shirer

Church is not a club that isolates from the rest of the world………………………….

Read the rest of the article here at SimpleChurch Journal and post your additions.

Called Out:  Now What?

6 responses to “What church is NOT

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  3. Amen brother!!!

  4. I have always gone to an Evangelical Free or Baptist church and honestly many of the people there think “church is the building” to the point where they acted as if they were owners over it, especially if they gave more money in the offering plate each week, which in turn led them to believe they had more say and leverage when it came to deciding how and what would be done within those walls. I had always felt that the church was to be anyone’s place of worship who graced the front steps of it, but in the church I am presently a member of, this is not how many of the people who attend there view it and it frustrates me. They have lost sight of what “church” means and that it belongs to all believers, not just a few “pillars.” More and more churches act as if they are a club or place where they can keep those they wish to and discourage those they do not wish to attend their church. These kind of things have always bothered me.

    I recall one business meeting at the Baptist church where I am a member and this new couple had been coming to our church for a number of months and a couple of months before this business meeting they decided to become members. When the business meeting was held there were a lot of people there and they were asking people for ideas on how to raise funds for a renovation project they were wanting to complete. This couple gave some ideas and each one of them were shouted down and they were told we “do not do those kinds of things in this church.” It may have been taken better had they used tact, but they were downright rude. I unfortunately had already learned that lesson from them the hard way and was also told what was acceptable and what was not. Is it any wonder this nice couple left and never returned again after that meeting?! That was not the first time, nor was it the last I witnessed such treatment of people who were new to our church or members for a short period of time. This church is only a shell of what it used to be when I first started to attend, as many of the people have left and the “pillars” are the only ones left with a few new people once in a while coming now and then, but many do not remain there for very long.

    I have not attended for some time now – it just is not how I see God wanting our churches to act or respond to fellow believers and even those who are seeking and have not sought a personal relationship with God yet. I have always felt the body of believers was to be a refuge against this world and often times within the walls of churches is condemnation and judgment if you do not dress as they think you should, if you do not give much to the church, if you do not participate in church activities, etc. I just do not believe God is happy with this kind of treatment or mind thought on what “church” is and should be – it is mankind deciding and I doubt God would care if you dressed in clean blue jeans and a nice polo or blouse to attend church – I am certain He would be rejoicing that you were there to worship with everyone else.

    Thanks for this write up Tim – God bless you!

  5. Lorlyn: Thank you for your comment. Here is another example of an evangelical church club:

    “I Should go to Dairy Queen More Often”

    • I had read your Dairy Queen experience before and I understand what you mean by churches being “dead in spirit.” I think a lot of “churches” in this country are lacking in their outreach and what they view as important and have lost the Spirit of God. I think they are truly missing out on what being in the presence of God means and their minds are set on things that should not be of importance to them. Far too many churches have their rituals and ways they do things and many do not like to do away with them and think it is vital to worshipping God. .

      The E-free church I spoke of attending when I was younger has now become a huge fan and supporter of a very famous preacher, but I question their choice and judgment because I have heard he is a false prophet. I believe as we get nearer and nearer to the end times we will see more and more churches move away from their original teachings and may become swayed in their beliefs towards that which is not Biblically based. It is a sad and tragic thing!

      I am sure you have encountered many different kinds of churches and congregations when you are in various places throughout the year in your hitchhiking. Thanks for sharing this with your readers.

      God bless you,


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