Faulty Foundations Cannot Support And Will Ultimately Crumble   3 comments


This is from My Dreams and Visions blog:

After all, no one can lay any other foundation than the one that is already laid, and that foundation is Jesus Christ.
(1Co 3:11)

I had a vision start 09/17/2014 and received clarification on it today. In the vision I saw a beautiful white church with a beautiful white steeple. This was odd. but I saw people standing around the church instead of in it like you would normally picture things to be. The people seemed to be admiring the building called church. Whether or not they had built it or not, I do not know. I just got the sense that they were admiring it. Then I saw the building called church begin to crumble beginning with the steeple. The building began to collapse in upon itself until it was destroyed. The word that I heard was faulty foundation.  The foundation of any church must be Jesus and Him alone.

3 responses to “Faulty Foundations Cannot Support And Will Ultimately Crumble

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  2. I like the way the first century Christians held their meetings – in their homes. This way, the building never became a huge distraction from the worship of Christ…

  3. Dunamis: I am curious how the big church building mentality started; the big cathedral mentality. In the Old Testament, the Lord allowed the Jewish people to build the two temples (Solomon’s and Herod’s). But the New Testament is radically different. I don’t need to go someplace to worship God or pray to God; I can pray to Him when I am walking, sitting, working, etc. The Sabbath is not a day anymore; the Sabbath is resting in Christ when I am walking, sitting, working, etc.; the Sabbath is a state of being and it is everyday, it is every time I take a breath because my breath is unto the Lord.

    Also these big church buildings can become an idol to shallow and false Christians. I have hitchhiked through Helena, Montana many times over the years. There is a big Catholic cathedral in Helena. I have always admired its architecture, but when I look at that building, I don’t think about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    We worship Him in Spirit and in truth.

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