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Dreams from the LORD 2011-2014
29 September 2014

Two nights ago I had a dream about a former housemate of mine from Ames, Iowa.  It was a negative dream; I was trying to talk with him, but he was trying to avoid me.

Last night I had a dream where I was with the same former housemate of mine from Ames, Iowa.  I was trying to talk to him, but he was trying to avoid me.  It looked like he was convicted of sin.

His initials are J.H.  We used to live in the same house for about a year or so (1987-1988?); we used to go to the same church—Great Commission Church of Ames.  I guess you could call it a Christian household, but trying to have fellowship with those guys was like squeezing blood from a turnip.  I was in that church for a year and I prayed and prayed to the Lord asking Him why I was in that church.  The people in Great Commission were very shallow, lukewarm and conformed to the world; it was very cultish.  The Lord had me there for a reason.  God’s thoughts are higher than my thoughts.

So if the Lord gave me two dreams in two nights with the same message, then it does mean something.  Maybe the Lord is showing me that Great Commission Church is still a lukewarm church that people need to avoid.  In Ames, Great Commission Church had an outreach for students at Iowa State University.  A number of years ago, Great Commission Church was renamed Stonebrook Community Church.

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2 responses to “A Dream about a Former Housemate

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  1. God gives many dreams to people, but also sees the heart and how people do not follow up their dreams, searching for meanings and more understanding. god also brings people in contact with others so that they may come to know. But how often people neglect those send to them to encounter and to let them think?!?

    The Only One God, Who is One and not three, is a God of order and clearance, who would love to see clarity in our lives and our decisions as well. He has given His only begotten beloved son, to declare Him and show us the way to Him. We should follow the path presented by God His son. We should hitch-hike through our life and see the right road directions. In the knowledge the Jesus is the Way, we should follow Jesus Christ as our best guide and honour him for whom he really is, a son of man and son of god, not making him a god son and making it as if no man is capable to follow or to do the Will of God.

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