A High Mountain Valley   2 comments


Dreams from the LORD 2011-2014
21 December 2014

Last night I had a very interesting dream.  I was in a passenger plane with some other people.  We were flying somewhere and then we landed in Colorado; it was a town in the mountains.  The plane then took off and we climbed almost vertically close to this mountain.  The mountain seemed to be very high in elevation—it took a while for the plane to reach the top of the mountain.  When the plane flew to the top of the mountain, the plane leveled out and we flew over this high mountain valley.  It was absolutely beautiful:  the colors were vivid and intense.  I rarely dream dreams in color, but in this dream, the colors were incredible—I thought I was in heaven—it is hard to describe.  We were flying over that valley and then the dream ended.

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2 responses to “A High Mountain Valley

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  1. My take: When one is in Christ Jesus, even the valleys we walk through in this life are upon His mountain tops! 😀 Merry Christmas brother!

    • It definitely was not the Valley of the Shadow of Death—it was a very high, very beautiful and very blessed valley in the mountains. The mountains seemed like they were as high in elevation as the Himalayas.

      Have a very blessed Christmas.

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