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This is from the blog Grace and Truth:

I have a Word from God.  Judge it, accept or reject it.  Whatever, but this is it:

What this generation needs more than ever is the Prophetic Voice.

A prophetic voice under the anointing of the Spirit to cut through the clouded numbness that has settled over the Church.

A prophetic voice to divide truth from confusion.  But even more than that: the prophetic voice to speak forth the oracles of God.

Don’t you see? We are now so bogged down with questions and confusion.  What to do about/with homosexuals, how to deal with transgenders, how to appeal to the youth, how to stop people leaving our churches.

To hell with all that!  What we really need is prophetic voices raised up.

Don’t you see? We are now in a period the church has never seen before.  A time of such manifest wickedness and gross darkness.  The things we’ve been busy with in church over the last few decades ain’t cutting it anymore.  How are we to answer these things? With endless discussions, conversations and conferences?  There’s no time anymore to mess around.  If you’ve been waiting for God to do something then I am here to tell you what it is:

He is telling you to lift up your voice now, and be not afraid.

Now more than ever we need those who are unafraid to stand in the midnight hour. We need men and women with the courage of their convictions to speak forth the Word of truth.  Once again we need WATCHMEN TO STAND ON THE WALLS.  To take up the Sword of the Spirit in the power of the Spirit.  To cut through the crap! I’m sorry but that is the least offensive word I can use for what I see.

I see the Church bowed down under a weight of confusion.  I see a Church struggling to cope and turning to the wisdom of the world.  I see a Church in its sad desire to be pleasing to this world ultimately conforming to this world and losing its witness.  I see a Church in the depths of horrendous spiritual adultery.

I see a Church turned in on itself.  I hear more messages about Self than about Christ.  I hear the psycho-babble of heathens infiltrating the pulpit.  I hear calls to “find yourself” from ministers of the gospel.  The Spirit is grieved and my heart breaks.

But there is a cry from His heart that is breaking forth amongst the remnant.  That cry is for the Sword to be picked up again.  To be wielded in the courage, power and strength of the Holy Spirit.

I have seen it I tell you.  When the Word of God goes forth in power a cry rises up from the Church.  She recognizes her Master’s voice and she is desperate and hungry to hear it again.  I’ll tell you something else: the world also recognizes it.  They may reject it, but when there’s an anointing they know it and they respect it.

Redeeming-The-TimeThat is the only way forward now O People of the Cross.  The only thing that can cut through now is the Sword of the prophetic voice.  There is no time left for anything else.

“Lift it up your voice with strength

Lift it up, be not afraid” Isaiah 40:8

Lift it up! Lift it up in your homes.  Lift it up in your work place, lift it up in your church, lift it up on Facebook, lift it up on Twitter, lift it up in the streets. Lift it up be not afraid, lift it up!

Holy Spirit bless this word to go forth, in Jesus’ Name Amen

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12 responses to “The Prophetic Voice

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  1. Yes and we need to go back to the old fashioned Word of God and teach and preach it and live by it in spite of what our culture thinks or does. We need to stick to the old ways and teach the next generation the Truth. So that the cloud of confusion will be lifted from their minds and hearts. Too many churches in their eagerness to entice younger people in have chosen the wrong way to do it and too often the wrong music to do it with. People still get saved the “old-fashioned” way under direct and honest preaching. America is in Spiritual trouble and we as believers can no longer slumber or “play around” on the devil’s playground. Time is short we must work before the darkness of sin over takes our nation and no man can work.

    • Amen. Too many churches think that, if they look and act like the world, they will draw the world into their churches. There is nothing more powerful than the message: Jesus and Him crucified—either spoken or lived by a saint that is dead to self and lives in the powerful Presence of God—broken bread and poured-out wine to those who are hungering for God.

  2. Thank you for your support Tim, I really appreciate it. I prayed that God would release this word by His Spirit and I feel that you have been instrumental in that. May our great God bless your ministry, Belinda

  3. Amen! Thank you

    • Belinda is absolutely right on target when she writes:

      “I see the Church bowed down under a weight of confusion. I see a Church struggling to cope and turning to the wisdom of the world. I see a Church in its sad desire to be pleasing to this world ultimately conforming to this world and losing its witness. I see a Church in the depths of horrendous spiritual adultery.”

      Do people really want to get the world system (Spiritual Babylon) out of their churches and out of their lives? They need to take up their cross and follow Christ and die to self and watch the power of God come into their lives. A crucified life is a powerful witness to this dead and dying world. We are called to be light in the darkness.

  4. What the writer is demanding is a rejection of the recent feminization of the Church and a return to the mighty masculinity of our lost Church traditions. Women were never designed by God to be the leaders of men and yet that is exactly what the Church has allowed to occur over the past 50 year reign of radical, second-wave feminism! How could anyone be surprised at the twisted, dysfunctional outcome? It was a misguided, irrational, short-sighted and a purely political approach to faith. And, as such, it was doomed to disappoint everyone. I applaud the writer’s call for a return to sanity and a total rejection of radical feminism’s intrusive ideology implemented through its guilt ridden step child – political correctness.

    • Absolutely. The feminization (the Jezebel spirit) of the church and our western culture is part of the strategies of Spiritual Babylon (the gates of hell) to erode and destroy Biblical–Holy Ghost Christianity. The Jezebel spirit hates and fights against the power of the Holy Ghost. Go back to the Old Testament during the time of King Ahab, Queen Jezebel and the Prophet Elijah. Ahab was weak and passive; Jezebel was domineering and in control and she absolutely hated Elijah and his great anointing. Because of Ahab and Jezebel’s wickedness, there was a drought on the land of Israel for three and a half years. Eventually the Lord was victorious through Elijah’s obedience and Israel’s repentance and eventually Jezebel was killed and eaten by dogs.

    • I agree— and you have made a good point.
      Women have a great role to play in the church; but it is crucial that they stay within the parameters of God’s Word. The Bible gives us an insight into how God has used women down through the ages; but none of these women sought to usurp the authority of a man; instead they served God in the role to which He called them. There is so much confusion today in society in general as to a woman’s place in society and of her value when she is in the place God designed for her. Our society is becoming more matriarchal every day and God never intended for that to be the norm. A study of history shows that when women, in a society or culture, get out of their place as keepers of the home, and when they begin to dress immodestly, become vain, and immoral that that society declines into oblivion.

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