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The Drought and Wildfires in California are God’s Wrath on Sin

This past Friday (11 September) I hitchhiked from Kooskia to Grangeville, Idaho.  I went to the library to check my two blogs and my email.  I got an email from a friend; she and her family live near Jackson, California.  Here is her email:

Please pray for us

Hi Tim,

Would you please pray for me and our family?

Our house is being used as one of the staging areas to fight the Butte Fire here in California.

Please pray that our house will not catch on fire, that our chickens will be o.k., and that we will be healthy and strong, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

We have claimed in the name of Jesus that the wind would shift away from our house, and low and behold, it did. (Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus!) We are now claiming that our house will remain untouched by the fire.

It is written:

If you live in Me,

And My words live in you,

You may ask me for anything in My name

And you will receive it,

In order to give glory to the father

And in order that your joy would be full

(John 15:7-8, John 16: 23-24)

There are some people who are unbelievers, who have heard our claims, and are now watching to see what happens. I pray that they would become believers as they see His perfect word come true!

Please also pray for the firefighters and those in the path of this fire.

Thank you for standing with me in the gap,

C. Dunamis


My reply:


Yes, I will pray for the safety of your family and your property.  I believe the Lord will protect you in this fire.

This must be God’s perfect timing.  I hitchhiked from Hamilton, Montana to Kooskia, Idaho yesterday.  About a month ago, a big fire burned down 50 homes in the Kamiah, Idaho area (7 miles from Kooskia).  I camped out in the town park near the river in Kooskia last night; there were all of these firefighter tents in the park—it is a base of operations for the local fires that hit the area this past month or so.  So your email is perfect timing.

I hitchhiked through here around two weeks ago and this Christian lady picked me up; she went to a church near Kamiah.  They prayed over these Christian homes that were in the path of the fire and the fire stopped burning before it came near the houses—and there was plenty of dry fuel on the ground for the fire to burn.  Praise the Lord!

Pray Psalm 91 for your family and your house.

Right now I am in Grangeville, Idaho.  I will head south after I leave the library.  Take care.



Here is another email I received earlier today from Dunamis:

Thank you very much Tim!

Yes, the timing is interesting.

There is another believer in our subdivision just a house or two away from us. Her house has also been spared. She is a strong believer and blesses her land. She also claimed as our family did, that the winds would shift, and the fire would not touch them. There are two homes in between us. All the other ones have been burnt down. The fire came back around later and got the other ones on the other side of us. I feel like going up to those who own the homes in between us, and telling them that the only reason they still have their homes, is because they were built in between two believers!


At least 400 more houses have been destroyed by California’s unrelenting wildfires, and that’s just the beginning

By Curtis Skinner, Reuters


At least 400 homes and hundreds of other buildings have gone up in flames and one person has been killed in a Northern California wildfire that ranks as the most destructive this summer in the U.S. West, officials said on Monday.

The so-called Valley Fire, which erupted Saturday afternoon and spread quickly to a cluster of small communities in the hills and valleys north of the Napa County’s wine-producing region, has also displaced thousands of residents under expanded evacuations.

By Monday morning the blaze had devoured about 61,000 acres (24,690 hectares) of tinder-dry forests, brush and grasslands, and was only about 5 percent contained, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire).

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7 responses to “California Wildfires and God’s Protection

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  1. God bless and keep them safe.

  2. THANK YOU TIM FOR THE POST REQUESTING PRAYERS! I feel VERY blessed to know you and to be a part of the family of Christ!

    They have let us back into our home now, and we have put out a few fires that flared up again in our yard. Our property had several fires on it. One guy broke the law and sneaked back in and protected everyone’s homes from fire and looters. (There were several looters trying to break in as well.) He also went around and fed the livestock, so the animals survived. After two days, he thought he’d have to leave because he had no more fuel, but we told him where to get to our generator, which took propane instead. All of our homes had plenty of that, so he was able to stay till we were let back in.Hallelujah!

    One startling thing I noticed in all the aftermath, is that ALL the other Christians who’s homes did burn to the ground, had claimed that they would burn with their own lips! They had said; “if the fire ever comes up that hill, our house is gone…” or “I know our house is going to burn down one of these years, so we had a plan in place for when it does!” It is so heart-wrenching for me to hear them speak. They do not know the power of their words!

    GREAT blessings be upon you dear brother,
    C. Dunamis

    • Dunamis: Praise the Lord! That is a powerful testimony of God’s protection.

      About the Christians whose houses burned to the ground: when people speak words of unbelief, they sure reap the reward of their unbelief, don’t they? Unbelief is sin.

      Jude 5: “I will therefore put you in remembrance, though ye once knew this, how that the Lord, having saved the people out of the land of Egypt, afterward destroyed them that believed not.”

  3. Here are a couple more emails from Dunamis that I received today (20 September):

    Perfect timing indeed!

    I wanted to let you know;

    Our home has been saved! Glory be to Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

    The Lord had told me to ask you for your prayers; I thank you very much for them!

    Much has happened; I will write about it on the blog when things calm down. (There is so much clean up to do!)

    May the prayers and blessings you gave to me, multiply ten times and more unto you,

    C. Dunamis


    Very interesting, your choice of scripture at the bottom of this email [Amos 3: 7: “Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.”] I had not known this at the time, but one of my kids had dreams of the fire a month before it happened, but he was way too scared to tell anyone. He told me about them right after we fled the house. He figured that by not speaking of the dreams (one dream for every night we were gone,) that they would not come true. He wanted them to not be true so badly…

  4. I’ve always wondered about the prayer requests that populate Facebook and websites. Not about the requests so much, but about how god decides when to act on them. Is there threshold of number of prayers received? Does intensity of prayer matter? Does the conviction of the person praying play a role?

    • There is a balance between God’s grace and the faith of men. If we pray against God’s will, nothing will happen. If we pray according to God’s will, powerful things will happen. People need to be in the will of God for prayer to be effective.

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