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This is from the blog aeneidodyssey:

One of the first things I remember in Sunday School was learning God’s attributes. He was the ‘Alpha and Omega’, ‘beginning and end’, ‘omnipresent’, and ‘omnipotent’. Hearing the word ‘omnipotent’ has such a powerful meaning in our faith. While many of us who aspire to be leaders wish we had some form of power, when or if we get into those positions, we often find we are powerless to make any substantial changes. However, God in his omnipotence is all-powerful and as Tozer points out, the Anglo-Saxon term is ‘almighty’. He also points out that throughout the Bible, the term is only used to describe God. In addition, in today’s world with such technological discoveries and innovations, we often find ourselves losing our perception of God as omnipotent. Rather, we believe somehow we are able to achieve beyond many of our imaginations and that gives us some form of power. Further, Tozer points out that today’s modern world ‘suffers from a secularized mentality’ and how the old world with the sacred writers ‘their world was alive and personal; ours is impersonal and dead. God ruled their world; ours is ruled by the laws of nature and we are always once removed from the presence of God’. I couldn’t agree more. We have very little inspiration or belief in an omnipotent God because in our view we are able to explain via the laws of nature what is occurring and thus this should somehow counterbalance God’s omnipotence. While we may be able to determine how far the Earth is from the sun, or what elements are on the planets. However, how does this make us less in love or in awe of God?


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