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I received this email earlier this morning:


We picked you up in early August this year and took you to West Yellowstone.  My girlfriend and I were driving a blue beetle with two small dogs.  We were on a road trip through the West and talked about encounters with hitch hikers (the guy who took the hitch hikers clothes and dropped them off 20 miles away after he pulled a knife on him), and about how you got into Hitch hiking, etc.
It was a memorable meeting for us and we still think about you from time to time.  I remember that you had given your tent away to someone who needed it because the zipper was broken, and your sleeping bags were well used, but still functional.
My girlfriend, friends, and I are avid campers/backpackers and have accumulated extra gear throughout the years.  We thought if you needed anything (tent, sleeping bag, stove, water filter, food, jacket, shoes, etc) we could ship it to a post office of your choice around Christmas time.
We love the fact that you’ve followed your dreams and chose a unique and interesting path.  You aren’t just another drone in society, and that’s worth something!  We’d like to help support that dream!
Godspeed, high plains drifter!
Jake & Jess

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  1. All praise and glory to Christ Jesus our Lord! What a blessing… may He bless these kind people as they have blessed you, Tim! 😀 AMEN.

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