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12 December 2015

Yesterday I walked eight miles from Belgrade to Manhattan, Montana on I-90.  I put my backpack down on the shoulder and waited a few minutes and this vehicle pulled over to give me a ride.  The driver’s name was Butch and he was from near Great Falls.  I told him that I was going to Missoula.

We stopped in Three Forks where Butch bought me a sandwich and something to drink.  He told me that he just flew back from Alaska.  He helped his son move from Montana to a new job in southeastern Alaska.  Butch also was a Christian and we had a great talk about the things of God as we traveled west.

When we drove into Missoula, Butch told me that things happen for a reason and that I was in his car for a reason.  He told me that he had a sister that lived south of Missoula who had cancer and was bedridden.  Her name was Jessie.  He said that maybe the Lord had him pick me up so that I could pray for her.  I agreed with him.

Previously I had told Butch that when I was living in Ames, Iowa (around 1990), that I had prayed for my roommate’s girlfriend, Vanessa.  Vanessa had gone to this doctor and she had to have surgery on her sinuses.  Before I prayed for Vanessa, I had told my roommate how my faith in Jesus Christ healed me of manic-depression back in 1986.  My roommate told Vanessa about this, so they wanted to talk to me about it.

I told Vanessa how I was healed and I asked her if she wanted me to lay hands on her and pray for her healing..  She said yes, so I laid my hands on her head, prayed in tongues and I could feel virtue go through my hands.  A few days later, I was at the lumber yard stocking some lumber up on the cat walk when I saw my roommate walking down the aisle of the building.  He had driven to the lumber yard to tell me that Vanessa had gone to the doctor and that there was nothing wrong with her sinuses—she was healed!  He held out his hand and reached up to me and we shook hands.  I said, “Praise the Lord!”, and went back to work.  I later told Vanessa that her faith had healed her.

Butch and I drove south of Missoula and we drove to his relative’s house where his sister, Jessie, was staying.  We walked into their house and we met Butch’s relatives.  Jessie was laying in bed in the living room.  It looked like she was in great pain.  Jessie told me that it was very difficult to breathe.

We talked for a little while and then I asked Jessie if I could put my hand on her shoulder and pray in tongues.  She agreed, so I began to pray.  I think I prayed for around five minutes; I could feel virtue go through my hands.  After we were done praying, Butch and myself and the rest of the family had some supper.

Butch then drove me to a gas station in Lolo where we talked for a short while.  We shook hands and I walked to my campsite down by the river.

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  1. Love hearing from you. Love your stories of faith and healing. I pray for your safety in your travels and wish you the best in the coming year.

    • Linda: I haven’t seen you in a long time. Good to hear from you. Back in the summer of 2014, I worked at the shelter in Riverton, Wyoming for several weeks. I think the last time I was in Riverton was August of 2014. I hope things are going well with you and your family. Take care.

  2. Praise God for this testimony! I KNOW that she is healed because of TIM’s FAITH. How do I know that? It is Jesus’ word: “And these signs will accompany those who believe. In my name they will… place their hands on sick people and they will get well.” (Mark 16:17-18b). Hallelujah! Thank you for this, Tim. We’d been missing you. May God continue to bless you as you KNOW and BELIEVE Him/His Word, our Lord, our Life: Jesus Christ in us!

    • Deanna: Thank you for your words of faith. Butch and I had some great fellowship and there definitely was virtue going through my hands as I prayed for Jessie. The Lord puts people in your path for a reason.

  3. I logged onto a Christian chat room on Paltalk last night just in time to hear some guy trying to teach people that Jesus didn’t heal physically. Others began to say, “By His Stripes we are healed” Amen. I know Jesus healed, and He never took it away. He still does. This is one of the spiritual gifts to those who believe and operate in the realm of the Holy Spirit. Healing is still for today no matter what the naysayers try to tell folks. Let’s use that gift!

    • Yay sister! 1Peter 2:24 is so powerful: we HAVE BEEN healed in Christ if we but know and believe the word!! And how about Mark 16:17-18? When you have time, go to and read November’s partial transcript/excerpt entitled “Dan Mohler on Healing – Powerful” or click on the link and watch the 30 min. long video on YouTube for more blessings on this subject!

    • Scarlett: When I was healed of manic-depression back in 1986, I wasn’t going to any church and I wasn’t reading much of the Bible at the time, but I remember hearing how Jesus healed people while He was walking the earth 2000 years ago. Jesus the same yesterday, today and forever. Also, I was pretty desperate: you know, give me healing or give me death—I was really getting tired of living on the planet with the bondage of depression. Later, the Lord (my faith in the Lord) began to break certain curses off of my life and I became even more free in Christ. Praise the Lord!

      • Tim, I was delivered of a suicidal black hole of depression back in 88. I was not a Christian at that time, and hadn’t been in a church for many years…the main reason being was that I had thrown the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak and had rejected Jesus because of the fake apostate church I’d been going to. The Lord however, had kept His eye on me all those years of living and struggling in this sinful world until I came to the end of myself. God did a sovereign work in my life apart from the church, or anyone praying for me or ministering to me. This just shows how awesome and faithful He is…..I’ve never looked back since that time, and even though I haven’t traveling the same type journey you have, it’s been quite a ride.
        Lord bless you mightily Tim.

  4. Good job, Tim. Great testimony. All glory to the Lord Jesus for His love and mercy.

    • RJ: It is really beautiful how the Lord puts people in your path. Last night I camped out in Hamilton, Montana. This morning I got a ride with a lady named Fran and I told her about my praying for Jessie and my own healing, so she asked me to pray for her neck when she dropped me off in Darby. I told Fran that sometimes it isn’t merely praying for physical healing that is being done, but the breaking of a curse or repenting of a sin that needs to happen before healing takes place. Sometimes unforgiveness can lead to physical and mental illness. Unforgiveness is a sin.

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