Healing and the Breaking of Generational Curses   6 comments


Dreams from the LORD 2011-2015
27 December 2015

Early this morning I had a dream where I was going on some trip.  I was with two guys and we were riding in this pickup.  We stopped at this cafe and I met this man with a grotesque, deformed head.  He approached me and I put my hand on his head and prayed in tongues for less than a minute.  All of a sudden, his head was normal—he had been healed.

Then his mother walked up to me and she also had a grotesque, deformed head.  I laid my hand on her head and I prayed in tongues for a short while.  Her head was also healed of its deformity.

I believe this dream is about healing and the breaking of generational curses.  A key thing in this dream is that both the son and the mother approached me expecting to be healed; they had faith to be healed.

Obedience:  The Bondage Breaker

Noah’s Nakedness, the Sin of Ham and the Curse of Canaan

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6 responses to “Healing and the Breaking of Generational Curses

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  1. Faith for healing would revolutionize Christianity…and Christians. And…..pretty nearly put Satan and his demons out of business.

  2. Amen. Thanks Tim. Great witness.

  3. I like your interpretation. Safe and warm travels:)

  4. My daughters and myself broke the generational curses, by evaluating what the causes were for all the strife in our family for generations and those curses were the lack of compassion and love for others and the lack of the Lord in our heritage. It is amazing the feeling of release and freedom to know that those curses will not continue through our prodigy any longer. Not sure we did it the right way, but it seems to be working as I am nothing like my parents or their parents and neither are my daughters at 27 and 31 and a beautiful loving and full of life grandson of 4! God bless you Tim Shey, for all of your messages that ring true in my life, I may not comment on all of them that I read, but they sure reach deep into my heart and set my mind to thinking and often times set me free!

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