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Donald Trump

Dreams from the LORD 2011-2016
25 May 2016

Last night I had a dream where I was driving this tractor-trailer.  Sitting in the cab of the truck with me was Donald Trump.  We were hauling heavy equipment.  We couldn’t find a place to park the tractor-trailer, so I drove to this lot next to this job site and parked it there.  I told Donald Trump that I had parked trucks there before.  The owner of the lot walked up to our truck and I asked him if I could park our tractor-trailer there for a short while.  He said it would be all right to park it there for a few days.

Another dream about Donald Trump:

Dreams from the LORD 2011-2016
20 September 2016

Last night I had a dream where I saw Donald Trump dressed in a business suit sitting comfortably on top of this bed. He was surrounded by many people—they looked like reporters. Trump was casually talking to the reporters.

I believe this dream means that Trump will easily win the election in November.


A Dream About Trump & Protesters

Last night I had a dream where I saw Donald Trump standing on a large rock or boulder. Surrounding him were protesters with signs. While I did not see what the individual signs were saying, I did get the sense that they were statements and accusations against the president. Then I saw a whirlwind come out of nowhere. I watched as it picked up the protesters along with their signs and spun them around. President Trump, however, was not affected and stayed standing on the large boulder. When the whirlwind dissipated, I saw that the protesters signs had disappeared and also their clothing so that they were naked as well. Now instead of protesting and hurling accusations at the president they were desperately trying to cover their nakedness but not succeeding.

As with any dream I post, take this to the Lord in prayer. [24 October 2018]

–Tony Puccio,
from the blog My Dreams and Visions


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[Donald Trump is a combination of Teddy Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, General George S. Patton and Ronald Reagan.]

“Trump’s wrecking a whole generation of Democratic governors who might otherwise have been presidential or vice-presidential timber, simply by letting them run things as they see fit.”

–Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit (6 May 2020)


George S. Patton at the Virginia Military Institute, 1907. Patton looks like Donald Trump.



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  1. You must have feelings and expectations similar to Donald Trump about how this is all going to end.

    Advanced Research Technology
    • I’m not sure how the election is going to turn out. I just told a friend a week ago that I wasn’t planning on voting for Donald Trump. Now that I have had this dream, maybe I will vote for Trump.

      The Lord puts people in power who He wants. This is the first dream that I have had about Donald Trump. Here is a dream I had about Hillary Clinton:


      • Doubly interesting now that you’ve let me in on the Hillary dream.
        I watched another dream about Trump on YouTube. There he was represented as a bulldozer smashing through the Obama White House. I must say, many of these revelations bear a similar sentiment.

        Advanced Research Technology
    • I can’t say that I have had any actual dreams, but I feel that this still qualifies to be heard and known. I am a 53 year old man that believes in Christ and has asked the holy spirit into my heart. I am not perfect but I am very good to others and I follow the Commandments and am being the best I know to be. I have never been involved with a church as I’ve been an adult but I know in my heart that I love Jesus and as well as my fellow man. I am by far not heavily into religion but I will stop there and share my story.

      I have never in my life since 2012 felt so spiritual regarding a celebrity, candidate, or anyone that has wealth as well. I just never really paid attention to Trump when he ran around on his show and I just shrugged him off as another loud mouth that wanted attention and ignored him. Now just over a year ago this man caught me off guard and I was just struck with this really odd feeling that just seemed such a sublime feeling of peace. Then I began scouring the web surfing for information on what I was experiencing. I had no other trigger to do this but my own intuition into this experience. There was the prayer meeting he had in his home with a group of evangelicals with pray and that really just put me into a frozen state of shock. I played the recording of it over and over and over. Then I searched every day after I got home from work. I was anxiously wanting to get off work so I could continue my curious pursuit of what? I couldn’t say. All I could say that this intuition premonition or spiritual re-wakening was just like process of ascension that I have read about from time to time from various sources. I remember at the end of 2011 and into the beginning of 2012 the Mayan Calendar was to run out. I heard so many different stories of the dawning of Aquiraus etc. I never really paid much attention to these other studies that I really never was interested in because I feel that the only thing that matters is what Christ teaches me. That other stuff just doesn’t appeal to my understanding and I feel that it’s just not worthy of my time. It may not even appeal to Christ and I’m not going to get into any lit up discussion over that subject with anyone on here either. I’m here to just share my experience of this thing About Donald Trump and then I began to find many ministries…some good some not so good but I’m not so good and nobody else is on this planet either. I even started to listen to Mark Taylor, a FL resident that has been allegedly relaying prophesy from God that Trump has been anointed and chosen to become a sorta modern Cyrus. Well I said ok and kept coming back to Mr. Taylor to see if he had posted any new news and sure enough he returned to review this story as well as new information he had gathered. Well that was about a year ago and you know people….EVERY SINGLE THING THAT HAS COME FROM THIS MAN HAS BEEN JUSTIFIED AND GUARANTEED TO HAVE BEEN 110% ACCURATE. I am calling this how I see it. I am not going to reply to anyone that want’s to put up an argument (shills will be immediately ignored) I am through with toxic disrespecting people in blogs. If you can’t be nice to others and respectful….You had better piss on down the road because I’m not going to tolerate toxic hate. This has been a batter Donald has had to move mountains. Mark Taylor will have pundits just as any other…I’m just stating facts. This is regarding Abortion to the 501C3 IRS demonizing the church which he has covered to his victory and his protection through Christ and also with Russia becoming one of our allies. It’s either happened or it’s in the process…..This is not over by far folks. This is only the beginning. All people of Christ as myself can see that there has never in the history of our nation has anything ever happened like this. You know it, I know it, Shills know it, Criminals know it. Donald has changed for the better. I have watched and observed this man over the past 9 months and he has gone to the Lord and he is headed in the right direction. This is my story. I’m sticking with it and I know in my heart that God has chosen this man to save our world, not just this country. Keep that in mind folks. There have been millions of people across this planet and I have chatted with some and a few live in Australia. They were very worried about who would be selected and that if Donald didn’t win they were more concerned than many in this country because they were awake as we Deplorables are.

      I end this note in telling everyone …Please pray for God to watch over him and guide him and protect him from any harm. We ask this in the honor and love for Jesus Christ our savior in Heaven….Dear God Thank You Oh Lord Watch over the people and Show the lost ones the truth and the Light of Jesus that he died for us so we can be with you someday soon and to end the suffering. Continue dear God to expose these criminals that have looted the world and protect the children involved with this corruption. We ask of you God in Jesus name…AMEN!~

      • Markus: Thank you for your comments. I saw the Mark Taylor prophecy on Donald Trump; it is on my High Plains Drifter blog.

      • The role of Judas Iscariot was also very pivotal in the fulfilment of the plan of God for our Salvation. Donald Trump can also been seen in the same light with Judas Iscariot: in the light that they did what God wanted them to do, in order to fulfil biblical prophecies. God does not necessarily need a Saint to do His work for Him. As we read in many places in the OT, how God Himself uses bad people to bring the Israelites back to Him whenever they went astray. This is best way to view the role of Trump in the hand of God. Apostle Paul and Trump can certainly not sit together in Heaven.

      • President Trump is definitely not a Judas Iscariot. President Trump is a battle axe in the Lord’s hand.

      • I hear you Sir and how you meant that. Truth is, those who are truly born-again and filled with and being led by the Holy Spirit are the true battle axe in the hand of God to break down the Kingdoms of darkness. Truly born-again believers do not war physically as we read in Ephesian 6:12: For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places, and moreover, the weapons of my warfare are not carnal but are mighty to the pulling down of these satanic strongholds. Politicians who like to see themselves as axe in the hand of God are no more than the same tools as Judas Isacariot: to be used to fulfil certain purposes and to be thrown away. True Followers of Jesus Christ are not in that kind of battle; certainly not answering the call of Jesus Christ that says that we should love one another; love your neighbors as yourself; love even your enemies. This is the new covenant under which today born-again Christians are to operate. The wars we fight are spiritual battle; the causes of kinds physical disorder we see in humanity today.

  2. If the Lord wants Donald Trump to be our next President, so be it. Reminds me of this scripture:

    Ezra 1: 1: “Now in the first year of Cyrus king of Persia, that the word of the LORD by the mouth of Jeremiah might be fulfilled, the LORD stirred up the spirit of Cyrus king of Persia . . .”

    • This scripture also comes to mind when thinking of Trump:

      Jeremiah 51: 20: “Thou art my battle axe and weapons of war: for with thee will I break in pieces the nations, and with thee will I destroy kingdoms.”

    • Thanks for that post. Mark Taylor a retired firefighter in FL discussed that fact too from the Bible about Cyrus. Google him or Search Youtube. This guy has been pretty much spot-on regarding Donald. I’m not saying I believe him. IT doesn’t matter. I’m not required to believe anyone in anything they say. I’m only telling people the facts and that I do and feel the true spirit of Christ in my heart and soul and I don’t have to prove that to anyone either. That’s between me and God. God Bless You!

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  4. At least with Trump, you know where you stand. It’s better than the alternative. Scary times.

    • Jesus Christ is Lord whether we live in a republic, a democracy, a monarchy or a dictatorship. The Kingdom of Heaven continues through war or peace, good times and bad. It would be much scarier for those who reject Christ.

      • So true.

      • I feel in my heart that many are turning around and coming back to Christ and that many are awakening to HIM for the first time as well. Millions of people have been praying for this to happen as well. IT’s been documented. This Man called The Donald has had to deal with so much disheartening toxic things and his bravery is just totally astounding as well as putting his family at risk for us. That should tell these lost souls something about him. SO sick of the ignorance and these ignorant souls that have turned their back on Christ the one and only.

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  8. At first I thought, like many others, that Donald Trump was just a joke and couldn’t be taken seriously. After reading and watching Scott Adams’ (Dilbert) articles and videos as well as a few breakdowns of Trump’s persuasive skills, I realized he might not be the worst candidate, considering the alternative, and he is far from a fool. Then again, he is unpredictable, and it’s too soon to say how the election will proceed. I’m sort of glad I don’t live in the US and don’t have this dilemma to face. Thank you for sharing this.

    Fantasy Raconteur
  9. I also had a dream about Donald Trump a few months ago. I asked the Lord, “Is Donald Trump going to be elected or is Hillary going to be elected?” I’ve been so very concerned about the direction of our country.

    That night I dreamed that I was outside on our property. I heard a barking dog coming from the east of our house. I looked over and saw a calf coming from that direction. He was headed West. He was loping like a horse. I looked at him so intently. I was trying to figure out if he was dangerous or not. He had a reddish color to him. I looked at his chest. I knew (as you can know in dreams) that there was no evil in his chest. I looked at his face. His face had a longish look to it. His eyes were slanted. His jaw looked liked Trump’s jaw. When I kind of moved, the calf looked over at me. Immediately he started running towards me at lightning speed. He never cracked a smile. He was totally serious. I did not have time to even run. The calf was running at top speed. He was right in front of me and made a jump over me before I could do anything. Then I woke up.

    I could not figure out what the barking dog meant until one day we were watching videos about Trump’s speeches. I told my husband, “He reminds me of a barking dog the way he hammers away at the media and the corruption.” Then it hit me – that was my dream. I heard a barking dog in my dream.

    I think the Lord was revealing to me that there is no corruption or evil in Trump. In my dream, I could see no evil in his chest. Him running like lightning means that he would overtake the common people like me. His message is to the common people. I do not totally understand why God used a calf symbol for him. I do know that God uses symbols in the Bible all the time. Calves were used for sacrifices in the Bible. The fat calves were considered the choicest sacrifices. The calf in my dream was a reddish color. Red calves were considered good sacrifices. So, I think God sees good in Trump to be used to get this nation back on the right path. I hope this means that Trump will be elected. God uses methods that surprise people at times. Just look at all the things that God commanded His prophets to do to illustrate His point.

    At this point, I believe that this dream means that Trump will be elected. Time will tell. I could be wrong in my interpretation of the dream. I like to see other people’s dreams and visions about this election.

    • Brenda: Thank you for telling me your dream.

      I believe the calf means that Donald Trump is young or new to politics—he is definitely anti-establishment. The east side of your property probably means that Trump will start from his home state of New York and campaign his way to the west. I am not sure what the color red means.

      I was hitchhiking someplace in the past few weeks and this guy said that Trump has zero political experience. George Washington had zero political experience; U.S. Grant and Dwight Eisenhower had zero political experience. People used to make fun of Ronald Reagan because he was an actor. The Lord uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. Also, Trump can’t be bought because he already has money.

    • Calf – might be ox in the Bible, servant-hood, I guess. Trump is a hard working person.

      • Passby: That was a very perceptive insight on the calf/ox. Here is something from Veronika West’s Facebook page:


        “Now As I looked at the face of the WILD OX I saw the Whitehouse and I saw the face of the ’45 President’, and then the Holy Spirit quickened to me Psalms 92:10 which says, ‘But you have made me as strong as a wild ox. You have anointed me with the finest oil’, another translation says, ‘But you’ve made me strong as a charging bison, you’ve honoured me with a festive parade’!”


        Here is the full text of Veronika West’s prophetic word:


        So Some of you may remember this vision God gave me at the beginning of the year, well early hours of this morning I was taken back into this spirit encounter where God gave me more clarity and greater understanding of what I was shown then and how it relates to what He is doing now.
        Please read PRAYERFULLY!!

        SAINTS DO NOT STOP PRAYING! For There is a War that is raging in the realms of the Spirit over the Great Destiny of this Great Nation in this hour.


        Now As I looked at the face of the WILD OX I saw the Whitehouse and I saw the face of the ’45 President’, and then the Holy Spirit quickened to me Psalms 92:10 which says, “But you have made me as strong as a wild ox. You have anointed me with the finest oil”, another translation says, “But you’ve made me strong as a charging bison, you’ve honoured me with a festive parade”!

        Then, I looked again and I saw the face of the mighty Bald Eagle and then God showed me the American people, then the Holy Spirit again quickened to me His Word in Isaiah 40:31 which says, “But those who trust in the LORD will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.

        Now in the vision As I looked at the Wild Ox and Mighty Bald Eagle coming together as one over the Nation of America, I was shown a quickening GRACE that is now being released from heaven and poured out over Gods mighty EAGLES in this hour, it is a GRACE that will ACCELERATE, ENABLE, EMPOWER AND EQUIP these mighty Eagles to fly higher and to go further than they have ever gone before.

        SO BE READY AND EXPECTANT! for Heaven is now releasing a fresh Fire and a fresh INFILLING OF HOLY GHOST POWER, MIGHT AND STRENGTH TO HIS PEOPLE. And to those of you that have been contending for the manifestation of Gods plans and purposes in the Nation, you will now receive a fresh impartation of the Finishers Anointing that you may continue TO GO FORTH TO PIONEER, TO BREAK NEW GROUND, TO REBUILD, TO OCCUPY AND TO ESTABLISH THE KINGDOM OF GOD IN YOUR NATION.

        I SEE THE WORDS, “A HISTORY MAKERS ANOINTING”, AMERICA, the Spirit of God says, “Its not by might nor by your power, its by MY SPIRIT that you are where you are today. (Zechariah 4:6)

        Then I saw the WILD OX, and I saw a fresh oil of a ‘BREAKERS ANOINTING’ being released over the one that God has CHOSEN, ANOINTED AND APPOINTED to lead His RISING EAGLES, then I was shown in the spirit, a red hot branding iron coming down and touching the hide of the WILD OX marking it with what looked like a ‘Royal Family Crest’.




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  11. Dreams from the LORD 2011-2016
    20 September 2016

    Last night I had a dream where I saw Donald Trump dressed in a business suit sitting comfortably on top of this bed. He was surrounded by many people—they looked like reporters. Trump was casually talking to the reporters.

    I believe this dream means that Trump will easily win the election in November.

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  14. Dreams from the LORD 2011-2017
    27 February 2017

    Last night I had two dreams with Donald Trump.

    In the first dream, I was traveling with President Trump. He was meeting with people, talking to people: the general needs to visit his troops.

    The next scene: we were sitting in this restaurant having some breakfast, when someone placed a book on the countertop. It was my second book: The First Time I Rode a Freight Train & other hitchhiking stories.

    I said, “What is this book doing here?”

    Right away, President Trump took my book, opened it up and began writing some comments in the margins. He told me that he had read the book and liked it a lot. We spoke for a long time, but I forget most of the details.

    I then woke up and was surprised that it was all a dream. It seemed so real: I was talking with President Trump.

    I went back to sleep. Then I had another dream with Donald Trump. We spoke with each other for quite some time. It was similar to the previous dream.

    Genesis 41:32: “And for that the dream was doubled unto Pharaoh twice; it is because the thing is established by God, and God will shortly bring it to pass.”

    When a dream is repeated twice during the same night, it definitely means something. In the mouth of two or three witnesses, let every word be established.

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  25. 7 June 2017

    A few weeks ago I had a dream. I wasn’t sure if it was from the Lord, but I thought I would write it down anyway.

    In the dream, I was talking with someone who didn’t like Donald Trump. Then I exclaimed, “At least Donald Trump isn’t a piece of sh*t!” Then someone told me that my life was in danger.


  27. This is an email I received from a friend earlier today:

    “Jeanne’s youngest is a born heavy equipment operator. He takes some of his heavy equipment toys to school and has recruited a crew of fourteen boy classmates during recess to push dirt around. He is the boss. One of the little boys asked him who his boss was, he stated ‘it is President Trump’. Then the little boy asked who is President Trump’s boss to which he replied ‘God’.

    “Beau and Jeanne were amazed at where he came up with this response. It did not come from him. Amazingly he has gone to church a few times with us, can pray the Lord’s prayer but that is about it.

    “Thought you might enjoy hearing about this.”

    Best Wishes,
    John and Susie

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  30. July 10, 2020
    Dreamed i was standing in a large spacious bedroom looking at a woman who was laying in the bed, this woman as i could tell by the feeling i had towards her in the dream was a very special person n my life, as i admired the beauty of this woman, Donald Trump came into the room and jumped in bed with us, like in a very child like friendly way, the way a child jumps into bed happy to see his/ her parents first thing in the morning, he handed to this woman a sword made of solid gold we crafted and adorned with jewels. He then leaned forward and looked out the window and said its time, i have to show you something. we were then standing on a high hill that over looked a sea side village. the hill we were standing on was rugged yet beautiful, the bay it over looked was u shaped, he then said look and pointed to the ground and just under the top layer of dirt was a mountain made of crystal, he said i want to preserve this. as we started to walk back from where we came i reached down and grabbed one crystal for myself, he just looked at me in an amused sort of way

  31. American War for Independence (1775-1783)

    “The Americans who protested against British encroachments on colonial liberties wanted to preserve their traditional rights. They were not revolutionaries seeking the radical restructuring of society… They used the word ‘innovation’ pejoratively… ‘no freeman should be subject to any tax to which he has not given his own consent’ [-John Adams]… From the American point of view, such taxation without consent was an intolerable novelty… They protested that their ancient chartered rights were being violated… The Americans defended their traditional rights. The French revolutionaries despised French traditions and sought to make everything anew: new governing structures, new provincial boundaries, a new ‘religion,’ a new calendar—and the guillotine awaited those who objected…

    “In a certain sense, there was no American Revolution at all. There was, instead, an American War for Independence in which Americans threw off British authority in order to retain their liberties and self-government. In the 1760s, the colonies had, for the most part, been left alone in their internal affairs… [The] colonists did not seek the total transformation of society that we associate with other revolutions, such as the Industrial Revolution, the French Revolution, or the Russian Revolution. They simply wished to go on enjoying self-rule when it came to their internal matters and living as they always had for so many decades before British encroachments began. The American ‘revolutionaries’ were conservative, in the very best sense of that word…

    “When modern-day liberals justify extremely broad readings of the Constitution on the grounds that we need a ‘living, breathing Constitution’ that ‘changes with the times’, they are actually recommending the very system the colonists sought to escape. The British constitution was very flexible indeed — too flexible for the colonists, who were inflexibly committed to upholding their traditional rights. The ‘living, breathing’ British constitution was no safeguard of American liberties.”

    The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History
    from Chapter 2: “America’s Conservative Revolution”
    by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

  32. [This is my reply to this post: https://lifeondoverbeach.wordpress.com/2020/11/13/paul-craig-roberts-the-money-of-the-elite-prevails/ ]

    The money of the elite prevails in the world system, not the Kingdom of Heaven. The currency of the world is definitely money (“the love of money is the root of all evil” – I Timothy 6:10). If you have money, you can have power and influence or else you can buy power and influence.

    The currency of the Kingdom of Heaven is the Presence of God. The Presence of God or the Power of God slices through everything in the world system like a hot knife through butter. The Presence of God or the Will of God trumps everything (no pun intended): the Lord put Donald Trump in the White House, even though billions of dollars was spent on Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

    Using money as influence works in a democracy or in mob rule. George Soros pays protestors to riot, destroy property and kill people: in the short run, these anarchists get all the attention they want from the Marxist mainstream media; in the long run, the Presence of God prevails and these anarchists end up hanging from their own gallows in the court of public opinion.

    The United States was set up as a constitutional republic or a representative republic, not a democracy. Hired thugs love a democracy; Christians love a constitutional republic: it is darkness vs light and light will always win out: the Lord will always prevail.

    What we are seeing in our American Republic is a fight between the ideals of the English Civil War (1642-1651) and the ideals of the French Revolution (1789-1799): Christianity vs Godless Marxism, Christ vs Satan.

    “The civil war of the seventeenth century, in which Milton is a symbolic figure, has never been concluded. . .”

    –T.S. Eliot, MILTON (1947)


  33. Illegitimate President

  34. “2 coup attempts, Spygate and the US electoral fraud.
    Multiple assassination attempts against him.
    2 impeachments, a unique case in the history of America.
    The entire world media ganging up against him.
    What other proof do you need to understand that Donald Trump is not a gatekeeper and he’s the nightmare of the New World Order?”


  35. Dreams from the Lord 2011-2022
    6 December 2021

    Last night I had a dream where I was walking out in the country. It was ranch land; there were hills and mountains all around me. It looked like it could have been in Idaho. I walked up to this ranch house and went inside. President Trump was sitting at this table in the kitchen. I sat down and we talked for a short while. We had a meal together. President Trump looked like he was anticipating something.

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