UK/EU in/out #9: Prophetic word and image from the Lord   5 comments


This is from the blog Richard’s Watch:

This remarkable word and image received in separate locations on the same day comes with a personal confirmation and the recipients’ permission. The aural part was received on Friday 29 April by Revd Ray Scorey at a conference in Halifax, Yorkshire. Meanwhile, 180 miles away south in Norwich, Norfolk, his wife Ruth received a visual impression from the Lord!

Ray asked the Lord why He’s using the first person plural and possessive pronouns (as at * below). Ray felt it was God making His position of intimacy with us as Christians very intentional; that is,as in Song of Songs “I am His and He is mine”.

Ray’s impressions from God (about 08.30am 29.4.16):

I asked the Lord about the EU: “What do you want Lord?”

The reply was,

“Leave! Why? Because of the advance of the spirit of antichrist in the European union and for our* future… The character of this country is changing; we* need to be free of the shackles that are being quietly laid around our* ankles. And the transformation of our* culture needs also to have freedom from the antichrist culture attachments, which are like a traitor in disguise of friendship. Yes, some because their relevant cause is purely self. Others because they don’t have the spirituality to deal with the decisions that will need to be made. Britain has to be free.”

That’s the basic picture and others we know bear testimony to the hidden danger of this friendship.

“Also, the Queen has led the way, demonstrating how to have friendship but not be controlled by spirituality that is not of Me. Britain has a mantle to carry; to show the rest of the world how to be democratic and yet serve Me at the same time, just as Jesus stood against those, in His time, who were wrong. Britain needs to do the same and pay the cost of that choice. Yes it will be difficult for a time, because those who want to see Britain lose its sovereignty will be in opposition. But other nations will value Britain’s stand and alliances for trade and productivity will happen because of My favour on Britain.”

Ruth’s picture received during worship 29.4.16 (check out Britannia images online and compare):

I see a side-on view of a figure facing left and looking passive, sitting in a wheelchair with golden wheels. I feel that I should know who the figure is, because the figure I see is familiar with a sense of the iconic. I have to think hard about who this person could be. Finally the penny drops and I am shocked to realise that it is Britannia sitting disabled in a wheelchair with golden wheels. Britannia enriched but crippled. No shield, no trident, no Union Jack in sight. My sense is that if she will only stand up on her own two feet (and she does this in plain white robes), while she may no longer have the golden wheels, she will no longer be shackled and The Lord will be her shield; indeed He will armour her up in the way only God can.

Revd. Ray and Ruth Scorey run Norfolk School of Prophets in East Anglia.


Upon receipt of this message from Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival I was struck with its authenticity and ran off a hardcopy but didn’t read until just before retiring for the night. In the morning I read it aloud to Nina during our morning ‘cuppa’. As soon as I started to read Ruth’s remarks about a figure Nina knew immediately she was referring to Britannia – ie. before I read of Ruth’s searching for its identity!

The reference to shackles around ankles reminds me of the detailed vision Wendy Alec had in July 2005: “…And I saw thousands upon thousands of people bowing in obedience to this tree and the roots were tightly twisted around their ankles…” (overview at #5).

Christian History
Quotes from Thomas Jefferson
David Hathaway:  EU Referendum—we must pray
John Milton:  Writer and Revolutionary
Does a Spiritual Yet Political Trend link USA to Britain?


I left this comment on Richard’s Watch:

I hope Britain leaves the EU. I hope the United States releases itself from certain unGodly alliances. If there needs to be an alliance, it should be Great Britain, the United States and Israel: a great Judaeo-Christian alliance that will lead the rest of the world into true freedom.

Technically, Great Britain is European, but really, it isn’t. It is not Continental. Even before the rise of Protestantism, the churches in Britain would not tow the Roman See’s line. John Wycliffe translated the Bible into English so that people could be set free from the traditions of men (man-made religion). The world owes England a debt of gratitude.

Great Britain/England is supposed to be a global leader—not a slave of the Satanic European Union.


5 responses to “UK/EU in/out #9: Prophetic word and image from the Lord

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  1. Thank you for this. As a UK citizen I realize now more than ever the demonic influence of Europe as it escalates. This witnessed to my spirit and I shall be voting to ‘leave’ which is what the LORD told me to vote for but now reading and seeing this vision I can see why.

    Jacqui 'Shofargirl'
    • Jacqui: I know that Great Britain has a special place in the history of Judaeo-Christianity. Britain does not need to be in the European Union. If/when Britain leaves the EU, I believe the Lord will bless Britain.

      Right now I am here at the library in Hamilton, Montana. I read a little of the book THE HUGUENOTS by Geoffrey Treasure earlier today. There is a section heading in the table of contents that reads: “PART ONE: EUROPE FALLS APART”. I thought that it was God’s perfect timing for me to see this and it bore witness with my spirit.

      Britain needs to follow Christ and NOT the EU.

      • Jacqui/Tim – thanks and appreciate the reblog AND map as I’ve just got up wanting to copy the map used for our morning ‘Keep Praying and Bless’ (This was started as a 70-day intercession ahead of and ‘cleansing’ the route of the Olympic torch flame in 2012.)
        MOREOVER, during Tues evening prayer with a friend, whom I hadn’t seen for sometime, his friend was led to pray for France by repenting of its treatment of the Huguenots!
        AND my friend is deeply involved with the Leave campaign and focuses on political facts. So you’ll like this >

    • Richard: I was hitchhiking through Montana a few years ago and I met this pastor. He was well-read in Christian history. He said that France has never recovered from the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre (1572) when several thousand Huguenots were murdered.

      I believe that the French Revolution (1789-1799) was God’s wrath on a very secular and anti-Christian France and God’s wrath on what France did to the Huguenots.

      St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre

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