Intercession Is Not Prayer   8 comments


This is from the blog Kirjath Sepher:

From:  Sophereth at Kirjath Sepher

To: the intercessors

. Intercession is not prayer.

. Yeshua was NOT praying a habitual, rote, vainly repetitious, charismatic, self oriented, christian prayer as He hung there on the cross. i.e. Now Father, I thank you in the name of Jesus that you deliver me and bless me and prosper me. I thank you Father that I am healthy, that I am wealthy and I am wise. I thank you Father that my ministry prospers. I thank you that I pretty much get everything that I say…I need…I want…I think…my understanding about this is…I know that you will want to…bless my endeavors Lord…you know that I am doing all of these things, all of this busy work, for you Lord, in your name Lord…that’s why I don’t have much time left over for….Lord? are you there Lord?…


. what does that mean? for us? to lay down your life?

. this is what that means: “nevertheless, not my will, but thy will…”

. after you have laid down your life, the prayer will sound different.

. enough said.

[Kirjath Sepher means “city of books”]

Paga (Intercession)
Two Emails (Intercession)

8 responses to “Intercession Is Not Prayer

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  1. This rocks

    • Too many Christians pray for things or for blessings. We need to take up our Cross and die daily and let the Lord use us in our daily lives with the people we meet. We need to let the Lord intercede through us. When we die to self, our life becomes a very powerful witness—a sweet-smelling savor unto the Lord.

  2. Glad to see other siblings in Christ apprehend that Jesus’ intercession for us is kingly and priestly via His actions, not by His prayers. I have been amazed at Baptist pastors not understanding this key point. In John 16:26, Jesus clearly explained to His disciples that when He ascends to the Father, “In that day you will ask in My name. I am not saying that I will ask the Father on your behalf.” When I taught one pastor that, he countered with Heb. 7:25 and Ro. 8:34, believing that they mean Jesus is praying for us… Deceit deceives!

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