Why are So Many Churches Desolate, Poor and in Ruin?   5 comments


This is from the Singapore Christian blog:

Why are so many churches desolate, poor and in ruin. According to Watchman Nee, the late Chinese church leader and Christian leader, who was writing in his book ‘The Ministry of God’s Word‘, it is because they lack proper ministers whom the Lord can use to deliver His Word.

One basic problem in the church is the lack of proper ministers of the word. This does not mean that God’s word is rare or that the vision or light is unclear. It means that there is a shortage of men whom God can use. God desires that the spirits of prophets be subject to prophets. Who are the prophets to whom the spirits of the prophets will be subject? Can the spirits of prophets be subject to those who walk according to their own will, who give ground to the flesh, and who are stubborn in their mind and emotion? If a man does not bear the mark of the cross in his spirit, he is a wild and proud man. He may have suffered years of discipline, but he is not yet defeated. The Lord’s smiting hand may have been on him once, twice, or even ten times, but he is still not defeated. In spite of the Lord’s repeated chastisement, he is still unyielding. Such a man proves himself to be a useless vessel. Is the problem before us a shortage of vision, light, or the word? No. It is a shortage of prophets whom God can use.

[Indeed], the problem today lies entirely with the ministers. There is no scarcity of vision, light, or God’s word. The problem today is that God cannot find proper ministers. Many times God’s light ceases to be visible to others when it is put into our mouth. Many people speak about the Holy Spirit in their messages, but others do not touch the Holy Spirit. On the contrary, they touch the flesh. Many people speak about God’s holiness, but others do not sense any holiness in them. They only touch a frivolous spirit. Some speak about the cross on the platform, but others can sense that they have never passed through any dealings. There is not even a trace of the cross in them. Some like to speak of love, but only temper, rather than love, is expressed through them. All of these cases speak of a basic problem – something is wrong with the ministers. If all the preaching on this earth today were in the principle of ministry, the church would be very rich. It is unfortunate that there is very little of God’s word despite all of the preaching! This is the basic problem in the church today. Without ministers, there is no inspiration and no revelation. With many people, the more they preach, the further their speaking is from being an inspiration, from being the release of any light, and from being qualified to be called revelation. The problem is with the preachers; they are not the ones whom God can use. God cannot use such men, yet He does not want to speak alone. This is a problem. He has the word, yet He does not want to release this word by Himself. He does not want to be the minister of the word; He wants man to be the minister of His word.

Brothers, God will not speak by Himself. If ministers cannot speak His word, what will be the condition of the church? The church is desolate, poor, and in ruin because human elements have not come up to the standard of God’s word. If God can find a person who has been dealt with by Him, who is broken, and who is prostrate on his face, God’s word will flow through him. We are looking all the time for God’s word, but He is looking all the time for men whom He can use. We are looking for God’s word, while He is looking for ministers. If we are unwilling to be dealt with, we will not be able to work for God. We must not think that such dealings are optional. We should not presume that, after hearing a certain number of messages, we can release the same word. No! If a person is not proper, his message will not be proper. Man can hinder God’s word. The Holy Spirit is not released through the word alone. When God’s word comes to us, we must be free from all hindrances. We must be broken, and we must bear the mark of the cross. Our spirit must be a smitten spirit. God can only use such persons, and the Holy Spirit will only flow through such persons. If the Holy Spirit is locked within us, the hindrance and frustration is our outer man, our emotion, and our temperament. When such things are present within us, surely God’s word cannot flow through us. Even if we deliver a wonderful sermon, in reality it is nothing but words, teachings, and doctrines; there is not the word of God.

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  1. This abysmal situation can be traced directly back to Vatican II (1962-4). In summary, the outcome of that misguided gathering deliberately DILUTED the Catholic faith among its adherents because its results secularized the church’s Mass; prioritized feminism and women’s involvement in the Church over mens; allowed homosexuals into the seminary; secularized the nun’s habits to polyester pantsuits; taught (and played out) other faiths to Catholic ELEMENTARY school children; apologized and embraced Jews for supposed affronts (which thereby trivialized, and undermined, the Church’s role as the One True Church) and disrespected the priests (and God) by wearing burlap vestments during the Mass so that the priests stopped being role models for young men in the congregation. Answer this. Why would any young man want to get involved with a Church that spends its time crying “culpa mea” and placating heretics; excusing blasphemers; embracing other faiths as though they were established by Christ Himself, and thereby, somehow EQUAL to ours AND by compromising Canon Law with a “wink and nod” to prominent “Catholics” who receive communion (despite being divorced) AND those who publicly approve of abortion and/or homosexuality! Where are the public excommunications ? Where is the LEADERSHIP?!! The leadership that has historically called men to arms to defeat evil? The courageous leadership that young men respond to! The leadership that inspires young men to join other men and do great things? There isn’t a John Wayne left among the “leadership” of ANY Christian faith because EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM allowed their churches to be OVERWHELMED by wimpy feminist ideology. Most “ministers” are nothing more weak-kneed, wimps (NOT MEN) pandering, and smiling, while implementing women’s “need” not to be offended, or offend, anyone’s feelings, rather than shouting God’s Commandments and LEADING mankind to eternal Salvation! And, DAMN the hurt feelings!

    • Here is a good quote that I got from the Singapore Christian blog:

      “On the Day of Judgment, God is going to be unloving, unmerciful, judgmental, condemning and unforgiving to sinners. Those who warn of sin and false teachings are called these also.”

      • I’m not sure I get their point. Are they saying that those who warn of sin and false teachings will be called sinners by God too?

      • No, I was merely agreeing with you when you wrote about people who are concerned about offending people and hurting their feelings.

        Those who warn of sin and false teachings are also called unloving, unmerciful, judgmental, condemning and unforgiving to sinners.

  2. Agreed.

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