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Yesterday I was sitting in the kitchen and I looked at the calendar to see what day it was.  I had a pleasant surprise:  I could read the small print on the calendar.  A month or two ago, I couldn’t read the small print without my reading glasses.

My friends got their weekly newspaper today and I could read the small print without my reading glasses.*  I am in a state of wonder.

Most of my life I have never needed glasses.  In the family that I was raised in, it seemed like all of the children had to have glasses by high school.  I never did.  Then in 2007, I was hitchhiking through California and this Christian picked me up.  I told him that I had a manuscript on my flash drive and that I could download it onto his computer.  We drove to his office where I proceeded to plug my flash drive into the USB Port—but I couldn’t see the USB Port.  A few months later, I was in Montana and I bought my first pair of reading glasses in Missoula.  After that I would tell people that my physical sight is getting worse, but my spiritual (prophetic) sight is getting better.

My physical sight is improving:  what does this mean?  Could it be that I have better eyesight because there has been a change in my diet in the past few years?  I used to put sugar or honey in my tea, but I stopped doing that four or five years ago because, when I ate too much sugar, I would get charlie horses in my calf muscles.  I am sure that too many Americans consume too much sugar:  the less sugar in your system, the better your system runs.

Or could it be something spiritual?  Is the Lord healing/restoring my eyesight because of my obedience to Him?  My last substantial hitchhiking trip took place the last week of September into the first week of October.  I slept at this motel in Wells, Nevada and the Lord gave me a dream.  I typed it up on my blog The Road and then I posted it on my other blog High Plains Drifter.  A few days ago, I put a link to this dream in a prominent place on the upper left hand corner of The Road so that more people could read it.  I believe that it is an important dream and putting it on my blog is an act of faith, an act of obedience to the Lord.  I have to respond to what the Lord is revealing to me.

Here is the dream:

Las Vegas Earthquake Imminent?

Dreams from the LORD 2011-2017
30 September 2017

Last night I had a dream where this man walked up to me and gave me a piece of paper.  There was a message on the piece of paper.  The message said:  “see ‘las vegas earthquake’”.

*[Just a week ago, I remember reading the newspaper and I had to use my reading glasses.]

Las Vegas Earthquake
A Prophet’s Eyes
Physical Sight and Spiritual Sight
Faith has the clearest vision
Minority Report
Thou Shalt Be No More Remembered

7 responses to “My Eyesight

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  1. Amen! Congratulations on your eyesight. Diet,exercise,the goodness of God,it all plays a role in healing our vision. Bad eyes are not simply an inevitable part of getting older. We are wonderfully and fearfully made,and while we may muck it up a bit,God’s design for our well being and healing is perfect.

    Both my mom and my grandma needed reading glasses,but eventually their eyesight came back and they could see the print again.

    • Praise the Lord! I am happy to hear that your mom and grandma’s sight came back.

      The discovery that my physical eyesight is getting better was quite unexpected. I believe it is a foreshadowing of things to come in my life.

      Deuteronomy 34: 7: “And Moses was an hundred and twenty years old when he died: his eye was not dim, nor his natural force abated.”

  2. After I replied to insanitybytes22, I went for a walk and then I went to my room to read some scripture. I opened to John Chapter 9 where Jesus opened the eyes of the man who was blind since birth. God is sovereign. Confirmation.

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  4. That’s great news about the improvement of your sight. Are you still in Northern California? I wish you a very happy Christmas, and all the best for 2018.
    God bless, Jo

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