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Prophets over America

Last week the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots 41-33 in the Super Bowl.  I didn’t watch the game:  I have boycotted the NFL this past season because certain players refuse to stand for the National Anthem.

Here is a comment that I left on Tony Puccio’s blog My Dreams and Visions:

Tony: You probably noticed that, a week ago, the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl. Definitely a sign from God. “Eagles”, of course, means prophets. Philadelphia was probably the most important city in Revolutionary War America (1776-1783). You could call this comment “Eagles over America”.

I believe the Eagles victory over the Patriots in the Super Bowl means that the prophets in America are going to do more powerful things for the Lord and that many more people will notice this and also begin to respect prophets more. There are still too many Christians that believe that apostles and prophets and the power of the Holy Ghost no longer have a place in the church (they say that these offices or gifts died out in the first century).

I believe “Patriots” is also significant. Patriots can be Christian or non-Christian. Right now we are in a great spiritual war (revolutionary war) between Christian Patriots and Satanic Globalists (Rothschild-Soros-H.W.Bush-Clinton-Obama Cartel) in the United States and throughout the world. The fact that the Eagles defeated the Patriots in the Super Bowl means that the eagles (prophets) are in a position of leadership for the patriots of America. The prophets will lead the Christian patriots as we continue to have victory over the globalists.

President Trump is one of the important eagles (prophets) in the world that the Lord has positioned to lead the Christian patriots.

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10 responses to “Eagles over America

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  1. “I have boycotted the NFL this past season because certain players refuse to stand for the National Anthem.”

    Ditto. I watched the Pittsburgh Steelers for almost 40 years…religiously so. This was the 2nd season in a row that my viewing was minimal at best (perhaps five minutes of viewing every month or so). They can rot in hell.

    Our time and money means something.

    • I was invited over to a friends’ place for Thanksgiving. I watched several minutes of a NFL game while I was there. If these overpaid football players continue to disrespect our Flag and National Anthem, then I hope the NFL goes belly up.

  2. I like your biblical worldview. Zion means the pure in heart, anywhere in the world. I also believe that America is the “Zion” referred to in the Bible, because the Founding Fathers made America a covenant nation, one nation under God. So if people don’t like America, they should just go somewhere else, instead of trying to change her.

  3. You are on to something about the eagles reference. I spotted two American eagles flying near downtown Cedar Rapids over the river, just a few days before the super bowl. The prophetic is part and parcel of what it means to be a believer in fellowship with those of like minds, but most everything taught today has reduced the prophet to the status of outcast and even nutcase, or to be tolerated at best, but not appreciated for what true prophets do – speak thus saith the Lord in season and out. Guys like David Wilkerson who is with the Lord now, brutal prophet to most in mainline circles. Jeremiah the prophet in the O.T. – remember that king who cut out the parts of his prophecy he didn’t like and threw the pieces into the fireplace? Didn’t change God’s decrees one bit.

    • Amen. The prophet’s life can be a lonely life–a life of rejection by church people and unbelievers. The prophet’s voice is that of one crying out in the wilderness; the prophet’s life is lived on the edge of Christian civilization. A few people take heed–most do not.

      I once hitchhiked from Ames, Iowa to New Hamburg, New York back in 1998. I then took a train on the Hudson Line into Manhattan. I visited David Wilkerson’s church (Times Square Church) at the Mark Hellinger Theater. I used to get David Wilkerson’s newsletters back in the early 1990s. Wilkerson was definitely a prophetic voice.

      “Men of the breaking hearts had a quality about them not known to or understood by common men. They habitually spoke with spiritual authority. They had been in the Presence of God and they reported what they saw there. They were prophets, not scribes, for the scribe tells us what he has read, and the prophet tells what he has seen.”

      –A.W. Tozer

      Wearing a Rough Garment

      (I noticed that you were in the Cedar Rapids neighborhood. Ames used to be my hometown for a number of years: I worked at a lumber yard and a construction company.

      Every once in a while, I will see an eagle flying around here near the Warner Mountains in northern California. I help my friends feed cattle and work cattle among other things. Whenever I see an eagle, it really bears witness with my spirit: an eagle has excellent vision–reminds me of a prophet.)

      • thanks for the great reply to my comment and your visits to my fledging blogsite much appreciated Hitchhiker…we went to Ames IA too when we traveled here, just spend a strange night there at Super8 hearing screams in the hallway a couple of times and someone threw an emptied whiskey bottle at my door…so that was our last night in Ames…we traveled to CR and are stuck here now because car is acting up…so pray for us (my wife and I) because we have a room to stay in where it is OK but not what we are looking for (fellowship) because spiritually this place seems ‘undecided’ as the righteous ones of older generations are passing and we are living in Laodicea.

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