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This is from the blog Words from the Crucible:

“The perfection of the word going forth from a man is determined by the conformity of the man unto that word. The one who speaks most truly from God speaks from the present ongoing crucible of experience with Him. Not only has he known God by the hearing of the ear; but his eyes have seen the Lord and he has abhorred his own means for the sake of knowing that One. All the words of man’s reasoning are regarded as empty by the wise who fear God. Even if the wise does not yet know the reply of the Lord against another’s teaching, he does not meanwhile give himself unto them, nor does he consult the sayings of the many; but he patiently waits in discretion. This man will the Lord bless liberally with all wisdom and insight, who so asks in humility, despairing to know God’s very Person.”

–Brendan Jaster

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  1. good post hitch-hiker…to know Him and the power of His resurrection is my first thought after reading this post, which is the ‘every minute’ goal of the believer…the saying goes ‘discretion is the better part of valor’ and so it is…we know that we have obtained eternal life because we love the brethren, seeking not to harm our brothers and sisters, we are teaching ourselves that prayerful watching and reading the Psalms which is essential to adominition, correction, instruction in righteousness; ‘entrance of Thy word’ gives light and thus the meaning of godliness in a wicked and perverse generation is answered from above – because whatever is (made) manifest (revealed) is light…you were once in darkness and now you are light…and this is the way (from darkness to light) Jesus spoke to Saul (apostle Paul) also when Jesus first called him to be a minister to the Gentiles and apostle to the church.

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