Ban Planned Parenthood, not Guns   10 comments


The above photo is from Fellowship of the Minds.

Freedom to Bear Arms
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10 responses to “Ban Planned Parenthood, not Guns

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  1. You really have an interesting take on current issues. Thanks!


  3. Planned Parenthood is definitely the one who should stop the killing.

    Be blessed. God is with you.

  4. Amen!

  5. Still going thru all here. Can fully understand the depravity of man that requires judgement. Still cant understand how people can choose to be so wicked.just glad God enabled some of us to see and act right. Many are called, few are chosen. Many is not most but more than few. Most are never called. But like example of ruth, uncalled can join the called. Think thats the same as chosen are oiled virgins and called are unoiled virgins. Elect are the called, but very elect are the chosen. Its our free will choice. A strange blessing of such depravity it should help some easily see the contrast of opposing sides and hopefully choose Christ.

    • We are either hot or cold: the lukewarm Christian is worse than the athiest. The Gospel has been preached for so many years here in the United States, so when people persist to reject Christ, the Lord gives them over to a reprobate mind and it is easier for believers to see these people because of the darkness of their lives. It should also be easier for unbelievers to see the light in our lives because of the surrounding darkness of sin.

      I like your “oiled virgins” and “unoiled virgins”: that is the first time I have ever heard of that phraseology; it is an original. Or course, oil or olive oil, represents the power of the Holy Ghost or the Holy Ghost Fire. Too many Christians reject the power of the Holy Ghost. The Lord is constantly separating the wheat from the chaff. The chaff He will burn with unquenchable fire.

      • Only come up with terms of expression to generate understanding hopefully clearer to some people. Wish no one left out with the hope of the gospel. Different strokes for different folks as long as message not distorted in the process. But planned parenthood is a stupid name. Should be called planned singlehood as they kill the child so there wont be parents.

      • They should call it Planned Murderhood. They should call abortion clinics death camps. The United States has more death camps than Nazi Germany ever did. The Nazis killed 6 million Jews; the United States has killed over 60 million preborn babies. I believe this fake pandemic is God’s wrath on abortion.

        Jackson, Wyoming

      • Luke warm is the worst. Luke warm like sitting on a fence with one leg on cold and one leg on hot side. Its a divine gift if God shakes that fence to knock off the fence sitter to the side he leans to. But some fence sitters sadly cling harder to the fence like a rodeo.

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