A Dream about Nancy Pelosi   6 comments


Nancy Pelosi

Dreams from the LORD 2011-2018
29 March 2018

Last night I had a dream where I saw Nancy Pelosi and this other guy sitting at a table.  Then I heard someone say, “Nancy Pelosi belongs in a mental hospital” or “Nancy Pelosi belongs in jail.”

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6 responses to “A Dream about Nancy Pelosi

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  1. I would be satisfied when Nancy Pelosi retires.

  2. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

  3. She and many of her other side kicks need to hang according to our Constitution for being traitors! She has stolen enough from the American people and if she is hospitalized or goes to jail, she will just continue to take!

  4. She will not be respected EVER again!! People will say about women that are shameful – “Dont Be A Nancy”

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