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Dreams from the LORD 2003-2006 (Part I)
9 December 2003

I started having dreams from the Lord in 1990.  Around 7 September of that year, I had a dream of a miscarriage of a young lady I knew in Ames, Iowa.  The miscarriage happened on 7 January 1991.  I had several dreams concerning this woman while I was living in Ames.  I thought that the reason why I had several dreams concerning this young lady was that she would be my wife someday.  But now I look back and I believe the Lord was telling me that the reason she had the miscarriage was because of the dead church that she belonged to [Great Commission Church]—they rejected the Holy Ghost, they did not live by faith and they were conformed to the world.

10 December 2003

On 7 September 1990, I saw a woman that I knew in a dream.  She was pregnant with two babies.  I could see the two babies in her womb and then both turned black.  I saw myself vomit and the name of this woman passed before my eyes. When I woke up, I was very disturbed.  She had the miscarriage on 7 January 1991.

[The initials of the lady who had the miscarriage are D.H.]

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5 responses to “A Dream of a Miscarriage

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  3. So you’re saying that the miscarriage and the church this female friend of yours belonged to are some and the same

    • Yes. Great Commission Church was very cultish, hated the power of the Holy Ghost and was into the letter of the law (textual Christianity). It was really difficult having fellowship with those people. They were more into fun, games and entertainment than anything else. A friend of mine from that church, who was baptized in the Holy Ghost, once told me that there were many miscarriages in that church. Scripture tells us that the fruit of the womb shall be blessed for those who are obedient to the Lord (Deuteronomy 28:4). If a church is not obedient to the Lord, then their marriages and families will not be blessed.

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